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Aug 07, 2014
Start Your Journey with Cap 1
FixnCred Account Holder

If you are serious about building or rebuilding credit there is no better bank period. Take it from a guy who has been through all of the subprime banks searching desparately for a bank to give me a chance. I started out slow with them on a Capital One Platinum card with an initial CL of $500 which went to $750 shortly after. I also got the Capital One Secured version of the card for $49.00 at the time and a $200 CL. The other bank to go to that was not a First Premier or something like it was Orchard Bank which gave me a CL of $300. One year later Orchard Bank converted over to Capital One. 

By now I was ready for a CLI and I was totally maxed out due to running a new business and needing every penny to buy product and stay a float. They bumped me to $1000 from $750 but nothing on the secured card. After the conversion of Orchard Bank they bumped me from $1000 to $2250 and from $300 on the orchard bank to $500.

My business has since picked up and so I applied for a Capital One Spark Business Select and was initially declined. I called into the Executive Offices and a few days later I was approved for an initial CL of $500. I haven't gotten the new card yet but I called back today because I wanted to see if there was any upgrade on my other cards after doing this hard pull for the Spark card.

Surprisingly, my rep told me that I could have both of the Platinum cards upgraded immediately to the Quicksilver with 1.5% rebate. After reading me a bunch of disclosures about rewards and losing anyting I did have and etc...etc.. she said I would keep the same account but new cards are on the way. As for the secure card there is no path for that other than put more money into it or close it out.

While we were at it, she also put in a request for a CLI on my two newly upgraded Platinums to Quicksilver with rewards and the Spark Card which should be in my mailbox tomorrow. You can't ask for a better bank to work with you and give you a respectful card that isn't riddled with fees and surprises or absurd charges. Yes it's a higher APR but you are a higher risk and that's the price you pay. It's worth it because it keeps them in business and able to help many other americans who are in the same spot as me. 

I hope that anyone and everyone who is trying to build a solid credit profile will look at Capital One first. There are so many other benefits such as mobile banking which I use daily. There is also quick turnaround on payments. If you make a payment before 5pm on a business day your funds are available for use the next day. This is a huge and very valuable benefit as it frees up your cash for use right away.

Even if I do not get a CLI for these three cards I am grateful for the new Spark card and the upgrade to rewards from the Platinum. Hopefully I get a CLI which will lower my utilization which is currently at 86%. Yes, they really did approve me for a Spark Business Classic while having a credit report with very high utilization, 4 unpaid collections, and 1 unpaid judgement. The key really is the perfect payment and it is the only thing I hae an A on my CK. Everything else is D or F as I also have 20 inquiries. Albeit 16 of those inquries were for my car loan in September 2013 with GM Financial.

I think mainly because I have three cards with them currently in which I pay more than twice a month on each card because I need to pay them off and reuse them again for the business and keep up with my cashflow needs.I have a perfect payment record for the last 40 months on all of my accounts on my credit report.

Pay your CC bills early every month and pay more than once a month. Yes you should pay more than the minimum but you should also show good habits by paying often throughout the month. This will also help you avoid interest rates of 22% which is $43 a month if you have a balance of $2250 (I know this from experience this month where I was hit with $43 but last month it was only $1.64). Some months I will miss the grace period because a customer doesn't pay me on time and the grace period is over or some other reason I can't control.

Like I said... start here and stay with them. They will take care of you the way you should be taken care of. Even after my credit improves and I am able to get better cards. I will stay with Capital One... they are here for me when I need them and they are the reason why I am able to run a business. 

It's not easy, but nothing worthwhile is. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jan 03, 2015
Capital One Scum Bags
Anonymous Account Holder

Capital One point blank are the biggest scumbags in the banking industry. They will lie to your face numerous times and charge you fees left and right. DO NOT USE THEIR ATM CARDS for purchases. Their first thing they look to do is overdraft your account purposely to start collecting fees. If you have $100 in the bank, go to the ATM and put in $300 in cash, your receipt will say you have $400 avaiable and $400 current, a legal document from Capital One that says you can use the $400 immediately. Then you do $125, $25, $100, $30, $50 for example that same night, they will hit you with 5 overdraft charges for $35 each. What they do is deliberately take the $100 balance and subtract it from your highest purchase of the night to overdraft you, so ($100 balance - $125 charge) to over draft you, then they will take the $100 charge and overdaft you again, then the $50, $30 and $25 and hit you each transaction with a $35 overdraft charge, then they will take your $300 deposit and apply it last. A document that they stated to you as available $400 and current $400 they deliberately steal money from you. They claim they dont do it, but we had our credit card receipts from the date stamps and the ATM stamps and what their bank said was we had $400 to use immediately, but in reality they are one of the few banks that do it deliberately to start stealing money from their account holders. 

Captial One is not interested in customers they are interested in stealing and lying period. When they first came around they were a good bank, but they were doing that to kiss people's as.s. Their true nature of lying and stealing is what they are all about. 

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Apr 12, 2017
Lousy lousy customer service............
Anonymous Account Holder

I financed a car loan for 3 months  thru these people and had nothing but problems.  I tried to pay off my loan and all I heard was "we cant do this or that"  I finally and reluctantly gave them my checking account number.  When I asked for written verification I was originally told they do not issue ANY PAPERWORK to confirm that my car loan was paid in full.  .  It was MY responsibility to contact DMV to make sure they did THEIR job.  I complained about them to DMV and additionally my bank.  Was told by DMV and my bank that this is not the way to do business.   Do not trust this characters and dont use them unless you absolutely have to.  When I would call to speak with a customer service representarive I always felt like I was a big bother to them.  

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Apr 10, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

I received a past due charge for late payment on May 5th... today is April 10th. The late fee withdrew my account so I received another fee for that. There's no reason to try and pay them off. They are criminals and there needs to be some form of consumer protection.

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Mar 18, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

over all good product

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Feb 25, 2017
Excellent Customer Service
Anonymous Account Holder

I did not understand an aspect of how autopay works but my customer service representative explained it clearly and slowly so I understand it well now. When I lost my card it was easy to cancel and replace. No complaints from the 6 months I've had them. 

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Feb 20, 2017
Restrictions are ridiculous on card
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been in line in a store and got declined and was told that if I make a big purchase I have to call and verify that it's me that is using the card every time !! From the embarrassment of being told my card has been declined while I have had a large credit limit on the card , cause I had to call them to ask for permission to spend anything over 300$ is kind of insane 

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Feb 14, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Poor customer service in the branches - changing branch managers yearly - and many more. We had business accounts that was closed for no reason - they mailed a letter with no explanation that said stop writing checks. What? Yes, correct, sounds completely crazy and only 10 calendar days to ease all activity from a business account. 

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Feb 13, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder


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Feb 07, 2017
Ridiculously long holds on transfers
djwdjw Account Holder

I have had Capital One 360 accounts since they bought out ING Direct.  While the basic banking functionality is ok, they continue to put effectively 7 calendar day holds on recurring inter-bank transfers.  This is just nuts.

Last year Cap 360 published an advert about improving funds availablity.  This in practice was nonsense.

I regularly transfer in deposits to savings from another major nationwide bank.  Capital One 360 for some bizzarre reason likes to keep your funds unavailable for a week.  When I transfer to, say USAA bank for example, my funds are immediately available.  Maybe all of Cap 360's customers are crumbs, but it makes no sense for repeating transfer in deposits to have this sort of hold.  Will Cap 360 every grow up to be an adult bank?  Probably not.

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Jan 24, 2017
WORST customer service EVER
BeyondCredit Account Holder

If your credit sucks and you can't get approved for anything else, then apply to CapitalOne. Otherwise, if you have options, stay as far away as you can. I have never had such bad service in my entire life. They have the worst dispute department. I have never been so frustrated in my entire life. Literally this past experience with them made me want to cancel my credit cards with them - regardless of whether it causes a dip in my score or not.

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Jan 04, 2017
Fair practices and good services.
DanielKWard Account Holder

Capital One has been great to me so far, the interest rates are moderately above normal however, I anticipated this early on as I am rebuilding credit and reestablishing myself after the great recession.  They have offered (and I've accepted) credit, banking and loan opportunities that are light years better than other lenders for folks in the "build or "rebuild" state of their lives​.  I would reccommend this bank to anyone looking for a fair fresh start or restart.

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