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Aug 07, 2014
Start Your Journey with Cap 1
FixnCred Account Holder

If you are serious about building or rebuilding credit there is no better bank period. Take it from a guy who has been through all of the subprime banks searching desparately for a bank to give me a chance. I started out slow with them on a Capital One Platinum card with an initial CL of $500 which went to $750 shortly after. I also got the Capital One Secured version of the card for $49.00 at the time and a $200 CL. The other bank to go to that was not a First Premier or something like it was Orchard Bank which gave me a CL of $300. One year later Orchard Bank converted over to Capital One. 

By now I was ready for a CLI and I was totally maxed out due to running a new business and needing every penny to buy product and stay a float. They bumped me to $1000 from $750 but nothing on the secured card. After the conversion of Orchard Bank they bumped me from $1000 to $2250 and from $300 on the orchard bank to $500.

My business has since picked up and so I applied for a Capital One Spark Business Select and was initially declined. I called into the Executive Offices and a few days later I was approved for an initial CL of $500. I haven't gotten the new card yet but I called back today because I wanted to see if there was any upgrade on my other cards after doing this hard pull for the Spark card.

Surprisingly, my rep told me that I could have both of the Platinum cards upgraded immediately to the Quicksilver with 1.5% rebate. After reading me a bunch of disclosures about rewards and losing anyting I did have and etc...etc.. she said I would keep the same account but new cards are on the way. As for the secure card there is no path for that other than put more money into it or close it out.

While we were at it, she also put in a request for a CLI on my two newly upgraded Platinums to Quicksilver with rewards and the Spark Card which should be in my mailbox tomorrow. You can't ask for a better bank to work with you and give you a respectful card that isn't riddled with fees and surprises or absurd charges. Yes it's a higher APR but you are a higher risk and that's the price you pay. It's worth it because it keeps them in business and able to help many other americans who are in the same spot as me. 

I hope that anyone and everyone who is trying to build a solid credit profile will look at Capital One first. There are so many other benefits such as mobile banking which I use daily. There is also quick turnaround on payments. If you make a payment before 5pm on a business day your funds are available for use the next day. This is a huge and very valuable benefit as it frees up your cash for use right away.

Even if I do not get a CLI for these three cards I am grateful for the new Spark card and the upgrade to rewards from the Platinum. Hopefully I get a CLI which will lower my utilization which is currently at 86%. Yes, they really did approve me for a Spark Business Classic while having a credit report with very high utilization, 4 unpaid collections, and 1 unpaid judgement. The key really is the perfect payment and it is the only thing I hae an A on my CK. Everything else is D or F as I also have 20 inquiries. Albeit 16 of those inquries were for my car loan in September 2013 with GM Financial.

I think mainly because I have three cards with them currently in which I pay more than twice a month on each card because I need to pay them off and reuse them again for the business and keep up with my cashflow needs.I have a perfect payment record for the last 40 months on all of my accounts on my credit report.

Pay your CC bills early every month and pay more than once a month. Yes you should pay more than the minimum but you should also show good habits by paying often throughout the month. This will also help you avoid interest rates of 22% which is $43 a month if you have a balance of $2250 (I know this from experience this month where I was hit with $43 but last month it was only $1.64). Some months I will miss the grace period because a customer doesn't pay me on time and the grace period is over or some other reason I can't control.

Like I said... start here and stay with them. They will take care of you the way you should be taken care of. Even after my credit improves and I am able to get better cards. I will stay with Capital One... they are here for me when I need them and they are the reason why I am able to run a business. 

It's not easy, but nothing worthwhile is. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jan 12, 2011

The InterestPlus Online Savings Account offers the highest rate currently available for savings accounts that do not require other activities (direct deposit, bill pay, etc.).

However, be cautious because the hold time for deposits made during the first 30 days is a whopping 10 days; and the hold time for deposits after that is 5 days.

Incoming ACH transfers are processed the next day.  Outgoing ACH transfers are processed in the standard 3 days. 

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Oct 12, 2016
Extremely long phone waits
Anonymous Account Holder

The first problem was CapitalOne required all new customers to call a security phone number.  I waited on hold over a half hour twice during its posted hours..  no answer or even an automated estimate of wait time.  Tried calling new customer line, which is answered promptly, but they refuse to help with the security line problem.  Apparently they answer phones for new customers until they are signed up and then force them into endless wait lines.  I opened online accounts with Synchrony and Ally, both with similar high waits and both actually answer phones if you need to call.

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Sep 15, 2016
Old fashioned and not helpful in dispute
Anonymous Account Holder

They rely on snail mail and FAX!  They cannot resolve a small $500 fruadulant charge from AirBnB even though I have proof the charge is wrong.

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Aug 29, 2016
They severely lack in customer service.
Anonymous Account Holder

If you are applying for a Capital One Secured Card Acount, you will pay the minimum secured deposit. I closed my account in January of 2016. It is now late August of 2016, I have yet to recieve my secured deposit which is to be given back after closing the account. This is assuming you do not owe any money, which I do not. I have been issued 2 seperate refund checks, which I have never recieved, and the third time calling about my money I have not recieved back, I have been told it would be 10 business days for the company to follow up on my case, and 3 business days for the funds to be direct deposited. This was on August 5th and it is now August 29th and I still have not recieved my refund. When calling to speak to their customer service, I spoke to Kim who is their senior account manager. She informed me she would have to submit a request as the other senior account manager had, who I spoke to on August 25th. I was told it would take another 48-72 business hours for them to recieve the information about my refund from the secured account department and why I still do not have a refund. Kim would not allow me to speak to her supervisor and offered no other means of finding where my funds are besides submitting another request to the secured account department. If you want a card that will help you build credit, this card will do that. However, do not expect to recieve your secured deposit back. Also do not expect any help from their customer service, they will continue to apologize and give you the run around. I will be surprised if I ever recieve my funds back. I will be closing my other account with them and switching to a new credit card company. I would not reccommed this card or this bank to anynone. Especially seeing my payments were always on time and I still have yet to recieve my refund almost 9 months later.

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Jul 16, 2016
grendel40 Account Holder

They have a terrific cash back credit card and the best money market rates in the buisness (1%). The customer service is always excellent whenever I call. There are no difficult accents to deal with and they are very accomodating. If I have to transfer any money I always do it by phone with zero problems and a double didget confirmation #!. I know that CitiBank has a little better cash back credit card (2%), but Cap One is exce'lent (1 1/2%) and I wouldn't think of leaving them because their customer service is so superior!

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Jun 22, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Completely unprofessional company. Application process makes you jump through all these hoops, including income verification, which is insulting considering no other credit card issuer requires that information (and considering my previous account with CapOne). Provide the necessary documentation through their antiquated methods (i.e., fax). Customer service is inept, can't find the info to process the application, refuse to do anything else to help. Absolutely done with this company, they have lost a customer for life.

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Jun 21, 2016
Card is great, customer srvc not so much
MsEllieV Account Holder

Long story short, I had to call 5 days in a row, spoke with 16 representatives, 4 supervisors, and 5 Fraud supervisors and my issue still has not been resolved. At this point I have given up. Unfortunately I am now stuck with this BS company because if I close my account now it will undo all the good I've done towards rebuilding my credit.

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Jun 11, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Im not one that add reviews, but I would like to add my personal experience with Capital One. I would like to disagree with the member that stated having a secured card was not an option to go. Well I applied for a secured in Dec with a total of $300 and in 6 months of paying my bill on time, my credit score was raised by 79pts and my secured card turned into an unsecured card with a $600 cl. I truly can say I am really glad i chose that option.  

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May 01, 2016
Exceptional Bank, I highly recommend!
mike31685 Account Holder

Capital One is the only bank to give me a second chance with an auto loan with bad credit, after about 9 months of on time payments I was pre-approved for an auto loan up to 35,000. right as my current vehicle was beyond repair. I have only good things to say about them, currently reestablishing my credit with two cards and and auto loan through capital one. could not be happier. thank you!

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Mar 28, 2016
Capital one: worst customer service
Anonymous Account Holder

Capital One has the worst customer service. Their representatives are plain obnoxious. They close accounts because of fraud and cannot even tell you what exactly happened. They ask you for documents which they do not review. I have never had issues with a credit card and I will be closing this one shortly.

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