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Jun 03, 2017
Do NOT sign up for this credit union!
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Do NOT sign up for this credit union.  I cant even believe how bad the service is.  1.  Supervisor Giovanni thinks that it is wise to lose a customer over a 35 fee, when they could have made thousands off of me over the next 30-40 years of my life.  2. Customer service lied to me and said no supervisors today then called back and spoke to one.  3. Problem started when I made my very FIRST depost with them, and check was held for many days due to being a new account.  4. Mistakenly, I didn't realize that the check was being held so long, and started a $10 online payment automatically.  When money was not in account, BS slammed me with 35 fee.  5. I called to get fee reversed due to silly mistakes, and they abliged.  But they never warned me that this online payment of a lousy 10 was going to attempt to be repeated the next day.  6. THey slammed me with another 35 fee, and refused to reverse it.  7.  There is no way that my own online bill pay system should be working against me like this, it should protect me from silly mistakes like this.  8. I asked "Is it good business practices to lose a customer over a lousy 35 fee, when bright star could make thousands off of me for the next 40 years?" and the customer service rep said "Yes it is good business"  LOL  ARE YOU PEOPLE FRIGGIN BRAINWASHED????? WHATS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?  HORRIBLE STUPID CUSTOMER SERVICE

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