Bellco CU Reviews
Oct 03, 2017

I have had USAA for 18 years for banking services.  We opened a HELOC through Bellco Credit Union and were forced to open a checking and savings account with them as well to utilize the funds from the HELOC.  Bellco signed us up unbeknownst to us for their Bill Pay service and began charging a monthly $6 fee for not using it to pay anything.  Since USAA is my bank and I do not use the Bellco checking for anything, I was unaware of the fee.  The monthly fee overdrew the Bellco checking account and they promptly charged me a $31 NSF fee, at which time I received an email regarding this.  I then had to transfer funds from my USAA account to Bellco to cover the negative balance to avoid further fees; that transfer into Bellco cost me $3.  No one at Bellco could tell me how the service was set up and insisted that I did it and never added any regular payees.  We paid off the HELOC and closed the accounts.  I was then charge more fees to transfer the remaining funds back to USAA.  I actually had a Bellco associate screaming at me over the phone yet refusing to help.  I will tell everyone and anyone I can about the horrendous service, the ungodly online portal and every other experience as I work in financial myself.  I've never experience such horrendous service and the lack of knowledge from the associates, as well as the constant insistence that "another department takes care of that", leave me astonished that they are still in business. 

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