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Bellco Credit Union

1.2 out of 5 stars
17 Reviews

From Account Holders in the last year


Application Process

2 out of 5 stars

Customer Service

1.5 out of 5 stars

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Feb 06, 2017
An absolute mess
Anonymous Account Holder

If you can avoid getting a loan through Bellco, by all means do it. You will be forever thankful. The process of skipping a payment if you are ahead or changing the date of said payment in INSANELY difficult. For two weeks I was trying to skip my payment as I have paid extra for a year. After talking to five different people on the phone (five separate phone calls and waiting on hold) they still took money out of my account for my payment. No one knows what they are talking about and even the management I talked to after being so frustrated was still beyond unhelpful. Save yourself the stress and find someone else to loan through if you have an option. 

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Nov 07, 2016
Good Kasasa products and great i rates.
Anonymous Account Holder

Currently have Bellco as my credit union for the Boost Interest Checking (pays 2.25% on up to $25k). Great for anyone looking for a Kasasa cash checking account.

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Nov 03, 2016
Does not live up to its own commercials
Anonymous Account Holder

Gross mishandling of business deposits (large amounts) would've been excused of Bellco would've rushed to correct its kistakes. Instead I have experienced incompetence, dishonesty, and arrogant service. 

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Oct 29, 2016
They do not care about you at all.
MtnDazee123 Account Holder

Do not use this Credit Union.

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Oct 29, 2016
Too bad so sad, poo poo on you.
MtnDazee123 Account Holder

They bought the assets of my previous credit union (Great American)  In 2007 I took out a HELOC loan with a balloon payment due in 5 years.  During that time Bellco took over.  The 5 years have come and gone.  Bellco is still charging me the same amount each month.  Very little principal is getting paid, but they're getting lots of interest each month.  I now must go to the CFPB and state attorney general for, hopefully, some relief from these crooks.

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Oct 26, 2016
This is a horrible credit union
Anonymous Account Holder

This credit union is horrible! Their policies are antiquated, unfriendly, and unhelpful. I was the victim of identity theft and they treated me like the criminal. Go to a smaller, local, credit union. Bellco is worse than the BofA's and Wells Fargo!

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Oct 18, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

They made a payment arrangement with my wife over the phone and now have no record of it and just came and took my truck. Stay away they are liers and crooked.

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Sep 19, 2016
Horrible service
Anonymous Account Holder

Customer service is very poor, the phone system is pathetic and will not allow you to go through to a person.

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Aug 30, 2016
Mistakes, dishonesty, horrific cust serv
Anonymous Account Holder

Every person gives a different story, all of it wrong, and resort to dishonesty when you ask for names or proof of the garbage that just came out of their mouth. No supervision and they are free to say or do whatever they please. Could care less about regulations or policies. Do NOT use this company for any reason whatsoever.  They do not return phone calls or follow through with anything. Scary they are allowed to stay in business.

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Aug 25, 2016
Unprofessional at ever turn.
DrJonwatson Account Holder

 I've been trying to sell my car for 10 weeks, 10 weeks ago i was told if i got an offer that they would take i could take up an honor loan and just pay off the rest, so i did all the leg work finally got everything ready the dealership was going to give them 7k leaving me in the hole for 2400, no biggie since on a honor loan theres not much interest and i make good money, so i could get that off no problem, so the day, the day that they were going to send the check out to Bellco Credit Union they decided to tell me that not only to i have to now, have to apply for said loan of 2400 but be approved, then have to pay the total 2400 in full before they send the tittle out, and that it wouldn't matter because the process to get approved for the load id miss a 3rd payment making me up for default meaning i cant sell it anymore untill i make a payment 1200 for missing the last three payments which only 220 is going to the principle but then have to start the processes all over again. If I could  give them less than a star, i would thats what they deserve. And on top of that I found out that they offered me more than the legal APR that you can offer on a car in my state so that they can squeeze as much out of me that they can.  Next car I buy, even if they offered me 0% apr vs 10 with another company, I'd go with another company. No one in there system knows what their talking about, and will just run you around in circles like I have been over the last 3 months. Completely unprofessional at every single turn that I've had an account with them. 

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