Bellco Credit Union Reviews

Bellco Credit Union Reviews
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Mar 26, 2019
Absolutely Awful.
j0nny55 Account Holder

Bellco is the worst CU, or bank, I've ever dealt with.  It is like doing business with a company from the late 80's.  Not only do they require you to go into a branch to start with, they do not do online bill pay or ACH withdraws.  The phone tree is horrible and it is difficult to get any person on the phone.  After I got sick of their terrible service I moved my loan to another company.  Paid the account in full in January.   I find out that they've reported my account 30 days late, despite the account being closed months ago.  So now I have the fun of having to contact all credit reporting agencies, disputing this, and trying to get Bellco to fix their mistake has been a nightmare.  You can only send them email, which isn't listed on their website so you need to fiddle with the phone tree to get someone to give you the email address, they won't talk to you about the dispute on the phone, either.  This is ridiculous.  Stay far away from these clowns.

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