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Bellco Credit Union Reviews
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Feb 21, 2020
It's decent for a Credit Union
chstrunks Account Holder

I switched from commerical to credit union because i wanted to support the neighborhood and get a little more interest on my account. The interest is like 10 times better than commercial but average for CU. I didn't like tha tthey did a hard check on my account to open the account, I was not to happy about that. But they did remove the hard check before the 2 years rule. Any deposits done in person they are deposited intantly. If you do a co-op deposit on atm it is instantly as well. Which I have had issues with thi swith commerical and CUs. The elecronic Check deposit is available with in an 1/2 hour usually, even after hours. They might hold the first few personal check deposits, but it is a standard I believe with in the banking systems. 

They can print a lost stolen card at branch with in 15 minutes. The app is alittle better compared to other CUs. Probably not as good as high end commerical apps like chase. i went to 2 other CUs before I landed on this one. I might go to another CU in teh denver area but as I have done my reaserch this might be a better option compared to most CUs. 

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