Bank-Fund Staff FCU Reviews
Jul 31, 2017
Put our entire home purchase at risk
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The BFSFCU put our entire home purchase at risk by not providing the loan commitment letter in time. We gave them several weeks advance notice of the date that our financing contingency had to be fulfilled. They gave us no explanation of why they left this for the very last day, but on the day the letter was due to the Seller, they said they had technical difficulties and could not provide the letter. At that point, the Seller has the right to CANCEL THE SALE of the home we fell in love with and spent weeks negotiating and planning repairs for. Just due to poor management by the Bank Fund Credit Union.

Also, our individual mortgage officer was often difficult to get ahold of when we needed him. The day that this happened he studiously avoided our calls all day after conveying that they would not have the letter in time. Very poor customer service.

Unbelievable! Please do not use them. It is not worth it.

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