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Aug 25, 2016
Run away from them!!!
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My dad had his mortgage with this bank, he died in 2014 and I'm still calling them to update their records.  I still get calls asking for him and if I tell them that I already sent his deat certificate, they will just say "Wll, every department is different" Really?  Isn't it the same bank?  Aren't we in the 20th Century?  Apparently their system is obsolete.  The amount of copies that I have sent of my dad's death certificate is incredible.  The staff is rude, and have no desired to help their customers.

The bank does not offer check deposits using your phone, you cannot transfer money from a bank to theirs, you cannot make deposits on an ATM, everytime you go to one of their banks it is always crowded, not because they have a lot of customers, it's because they are so darn slow.

If you care about your credit, stay away from them!!!

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