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Banco Popular

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Aug 25, 2016
Run away from them!!!
Karmaspeaking Account Holder

My dad had his mortgage with this bank, he died in 2014 and I'm still calling them to update their records.  I still get calls asking for him and if I tell them that I already sent his deat certificate, they will just say "Wll, every department is different" Really?  Isn't it the same bank?  Aren't we in the 20th Century?  Apparently their system is obsolete.  The amount of copies that I have sent of my dad's death certificate is incredible.  The staff is rude, and have no desired to help their customers.

The bank does not offer check deposits using your phone, you cannot transfer money from a bank to theirs, you cannot make deposits on an ATM, everytime you go to one of their banks it is always crowded, not because they have a lot of customers, it's because they are so darn slow.

If you care about your credit, stay away from them!!!

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Jul 31, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Despite many things that all banks have, this bank have peop;e thta go beyond to help.

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Jul 19, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Bank is behind technology . Many US major banks have made the transition of chip enabled cards accessible. Call center is not the best. Banco Popular best feature is the tv Musical they host around the Xmas holiday hahaha....wepa

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Feb 01, 2016
Avoid at all cost!
Anonymous Account Holder

I have a LOC account with Popular.  I always have been very happy with this bank.  The service has been great until my most recent experience. I have a close family friend who has cancer that I am trying to withdraw money from the account, but I do not have a check available for the account.  When I called their customer service on inquiring the information to order checks, it was denied.  They would not give me the information.   They said company policy is not giving the routing number to me.  It is a 'secret' and 'high secuity' to protect our customers.   To find out more about their process, I followed it.  I said OK.  Let's do your process to find out this ordering process.  Could they at least tell me how much would it cost for ordering some small amount of checks.  They said I could only order 25 checks at a time, but they can't tell me how much it is.  I must order it and request it and let it charge to my account.   There is no other way to find out the cost and there is no way  for them to assist me to find out the cost either.   I tried to talk to the Supervisor 'Amy' in hope the process is not this ridiculous!  It is still the same unreasonable process.   I asked could she give me a range on how much it would cost becuase I do not want to pay over $100 or $1000 for 25 checks.  She said she does not know how much it would charge to my account for 25 checks, and she understands my concern that it can be any amount charges to my account.  The only way is to let the bank charge me after it makes the order for me.  If it is so secretive, why other check printing company could print it, just not any other?   This is just ridiculous!  Avoid this bank at all cost.  They do not have your best interest in mind!  I have recording on this whole conversation on the phone for total of 21 minutes.  I would be happy to let anyone listen to it, and yes, they are aware that I am recording it.  

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Aug 25, 2016

You can Google any bank routing number.

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