Airzona State CU Reviews
Jan 25, 2016
No way
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This credit unoin does not offer its members anything worthwhile! I joined in 2002 when I moved to Flagstaff AZ and back then, it was a good credit union and the local branch had great service. When I moved to Phoenix 5 years later, I was not at all impressed with the Monroe Street branch - poor customer service, inexperienced tellers, etc. Then they stopped participating in shared branching, which made it very inconvenient because I don't live near their one branch. Then I had a bad experience when depositing a check and cash with the branch manager. As I left the branch, I noticed that the check had been credited to my account, but not my $50 cash deposit. I went right back in and she blamedi it on the computer "holding back" the cash. My gut told me that it was the branch manager trying to pocket my cash, not any computer mistake. I wrote a letter to the Board and received a bland reply that she would be given additional training. I have no confidence in them anymore.

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