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Jan 29, 2017
Personal Savings account has been good
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I have had this account for several years. It has a high interest rate compared to the market though not the highest.  I also have several other savings accounts so I don't depend on this for everything.  I largely put money in this for keeping and not spending.  I also like companies that have great customer service.  After Amex started a relationship with Charles Schwab for a co-branded credit card, I applied for that credit card and now I can access my amex personal savings from clicking to my amex account from schwab.  It is almost like my amex personal savings is a Charles Schwab savings account :).  That is great because Charles Schwab, while great for investing and checking, doesn't have a great savings account.  Likewise, the Amex personal savings doesn't have investing or checking. That said, the Amex Schwab Credit Card and Amex Personal Savings are a perfect fit for the Charles Schwab checking and investing accounts.

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May 22, 2017
Money back everyday card!
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I went to apply for this card because it has a cash back rewards along with no annual fee. Seemed to have low interest rates from most cards I've seen.
3% back in supermarkets
2% back on gas
And 1% on every other purchase.
I am using this card strictly for gas and occasionally for groceries.
I had a 708 credit score and got a $500 line of credit which seems kinda low compared to another credit card I have (and had a lower score at the time) but got $1000 line a credit through them.
Seems to be a decent card so far though.
It says you can earn a higher line of credit if you make payments on time and pay at least the minimum payment due. So we will see...

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May 20, 2017
Excellent Customer Service
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Great for rebuilding credit with excellent customer service.

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May 08, 2017
Great Rewards.
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I travel alot this card will come in VERY handy with the Reward Points, 3rd American Express Card. Decided to apply with Credit Karma Very Good Odds, received instant approval, will put card to very good use. Thank you American Express.

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Mar 25, 2017
Amazing sign up offer! 80,000 POINTS!
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got approved right away! 10.5k limit

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Mar 16, 2017
Don't get it.
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It will say the approval Odd is very good and when apply for the card they will disapprove you and impact on your credit score. Garabahe 

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May 22, 2017
Ok card
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Applied for the blue but my credit was not as good at the time so they gave me this one but so far not a bad card ! Going for the better card later.

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Apr 24, 2017
pending approval

I applied then it said congratulations it prompt me to the page to set an account online then it said an error went on. I tried refreshing then said the offer was no longer available so I am confused. I did a new application and said sorrynI did not qualify. 

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Feb 06, 2017
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So far I have no complaints with this card. Yes, the fee is a little steep, but the fact that I can pay for lounge access at a reduced rate without having to be flying business (or with someone flying business) is a nice perk, plus there is one free companion voucher per year, so my husband or son can join me for a trip for "free". Personally, I have been super happy with AMEX and the partner offers that have easily saved me the annual fee's worth of money on items I would have purchased anyway. 

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May 09, 2017
Excellent sign up bonus
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Signed up for this card with a 100k Hilton Honors points sign up bonus after $3k spend in 3 months, as well as earn a free weekend night on the anniversary of card approval. Because I value Hilton Honors points at half a cent per point and a free weekend night at $250 based on my particular habits, I value the overall sign up bonus as being worth $750. With a $75 annual fee (that I would have to pay twice to get the free weekend night), my net value from the sign up bonus would be $600. Past the sign up bonus, I don't really find much value from the card and don't see myself keeping it past two years. i will likely downgrade to the no fee Hilton HHonors card when my 3rd annual fee comes due. 

Some of the most compelling benefits of the Surpass card include earning 12X points for Hilton purchases and complimentary Hilton HHonors Gold status. I already had Hilton Gold status prior to having this card, so that benefit didn't make a difference for me. As for earning 12X points, I don't take advantage of it because of the 2.7% foreign transaction fee. While I stay at Hilton properties a fair amount, most of my travel is inernational, not domestic, so I opt to use cards without foreign transaction fees over this one even when booking Hilton properties. Furthermore, unlike the Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve card, the free weekend night is a one-time benefit, not an annual one with minimum spend. 

Overall, the Amex Hilton Honors Surpass has an excellent sign up bonus, but, for me, not worth keeping once those sign up bonuses have been earned due to the presence of foreign transaction fees. 

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