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Jun 05, 2017

Just read the last review by savingsguy

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Jul 21, 2017
Love getting double points
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Real time info on WEBSITE, easy to use card and site, great customer service.

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Jul 15, 2017
Amex Member... w/ OK credit!
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I thought I'd share my story bc not even 24 hours ago I was searching through all these Amex reviews (various cards), trying to find a not-so-simple answer: w/ my ehh credit, would I have a shot. First off, let me tell you that I've always wanted to be a part of the Amex family, it's about the only card I don't have (meaning, I have several Visas, an MC & a Discover). Two years ago in 2 days I applied for an Amex card that KC told me I had a "fair" chance... denied. Fast forward and I added a couple rewards cards & great auto loan since then.

Last year my credit got hit the hardest, mostly because I moved from one state to another just to end up burying one of my siblings [and adding more CC debt because of that]. I had a chargeoff from DirecTV, Cap One & Amazon O_O. My student loans fell behind. Disaster doesn't even begin to describe it! But I did manage to keep up w/ my car payment, credit cards and consolidate my student loans. This helped ME but not necessarily my score. The one thing I do have is a great credit age (13+ years) and credit history. Even today my utilization is almost 50% but that's significantly better than where it was 2 months ago (90%). My actual FICO is in the mid/high 600s (as I type this I don't remember KC's #s off top but I do remember they're not great). I said all that to say this: I still qualified for this card, despite having blemishes on my credit and a nothing-to-brag-about score. No, I've never had a bankruptcy. No, I'm not just starting out. Yes, Amex still gave me a chance.

I would also like to add that I added my husband to 2 of my [paid off] CCs, where he instantly inherited my great history. His score increased by 198 points! He has 3 derogatory marks (all 4+ years old). But other than my cards he has no significant credit history. His 727 score means jack because he still can't qualify for most of these rewards cards on his own (according to KC he flags as "poor" on all of them except QuickSilver). My approval odds for most Amex cards are minimally "good" (I won't find out the hard way though), even w/ a lower score.

I say all this to say, 1) don't let your score intimidate you 2) you can absolutely qualify for an Amex, despite having imperfect credit 3) don't take these reviews too seriously. It will literally depend on your credit and yours alone.

Good luck!

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Jul 12, 2017
Best all around card

I've always banked with chase got chase freedom, slate, discover it those were really my old cards. Last month I applied for spg card and got approved right away almost there hitting 3k on spending requirements so I can get 30k sign up bonus. Not really a traveler for now but later on once I get married my goal is to travel with my significant other. And also just an FYI I got approved with an 715 ex score and also I just applied for freedom unlimited spending $500 with $300 in return (targeted offer)and got approved for that card. Got a a lot more cards to apply for down the road.

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Mar 25, 2017
Amazing sign up offer! 80,000 POINTS!
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got approved right away! 10.5k limit

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Mar 16, 2017
Don't get it.
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It will say the approval Odd is very good and when apply for the card they will disapprove you and impact on your credit score. Garabahe 

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Jul 19, 2017

My Odds said very good and did not get approved my score is over 700 no late pays ! so not sure why I was declined

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Apr 24, 2017
pending approval

I applied then it said congratulations it prompt me to the page to set an account online then it said an error went on. I tried refreshing then said the offer was no longer available so I am confused. I did a new application and said sorrynI did not qualify. 

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Feb 06, 2017
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So far I have no complaints with this card. Yes, the fee is a little steep, but the fact that I can pay for lounge access at a reduced rate without having to be flying business (or with someone flying business) is a nice perk, plus there is one free companion voucher per year, so my husband or son can join me for a trip for "free". Personally, I have been super happy with AMEX and the partner offers that have easily saved me the annual fee's worth of money on items I would have purchased anyway. 

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Jun 28, 2017
Love this card!!

Scores TU 732/EQ 728/EX 701
I have AMEX Blue CL 1500 zero balance
2 Capital One total CL 6550 zero balance
Discover CL 5500 balance 800
Credit one CL 3000 zero balance
Bankruptcy in 2014 paid 100% of all debt completed.
APPROVED initially for 1k but called them and asked for 5500 since i use it for business. They saw I had a corporate AMEX for 5500 that i just cancelled, so they offerred me the 5500 CL!! Yay

Love this card. I travel for business and only use Hiltons, so I was already a Diamond Member. The perks of auto upgrades and meals along with the 100k point bonus after dpending 3k. I did that in 1 month and paid card in full since I use it for business trips. I was disappointed that it took 60 days to get my 100k points, but i maintain 100k. Customer Svc is 24/7 and have been excellent.

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