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Jan 29, 2017
Personal Savings account has been good
savingsguy Account Holder

I have had this account for several years. It has a high interest rate compared to the market though not the highest.  I also have several other savings accounts so I don't depend on this for everything.  I largely put money in this for keeping and not spending.  I also like companies that have great customer service.  After Amex started a relationship with Charles Schwab for a co-branded credit card, I applied for that credit card and now I can access my amex personal savings from clicking to my amex account from schwab.  It is almost like my amex personal savings is a Charles Schwab savings account :).  That is great because Charles Schwab, while great for investing and checking, doesn't have a great savings account.  Likewise, the Amex personal savings doesn't have investing or checking. That said, the Amex Schwab Credit Card and Amex Personal Savings are a perfect fit for the Charles Schwab checking and investing accounts.

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Dec 20, 2016
So far so good
Anonymous Account Holder

I've had my account for several years and haven't had a problem.  I do have to plan my withdrawals and allow about 3 days for the funds to appear in my local bank, but they pay one of the highest interest rates I've found.  

Live only had to call customer service once, to get a form to designate a beneficiary.  They sent the form right out.

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Nov 28, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Good service

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Nov 21, 2016
Unscrupulous Unethical w Impunity!!!!
Fraud101 Account Holder

I'm dismayed by the disingenuous acts they employ frequently and without repercussion.

I don't have the fiscal means for them to be less than forthright and ethical with.

I've had an account since 2013 with them.

There's nobody within the U.S. I have interfaced with to date.

They email my balance daily and yet I've been locked out of my account that I copiously would notate monthly when making payments.

(With good cause).

I'm now embroiled  in a nasty court battle with my landlord because there were funds available and paid for 04-16.

The undereducated morons I've dealt with can't find their own internal error.

However the payment was for my rent!!!!

I've got over $1,800+ in fees where I have never had a late pay in 61/2 yrs.

Now I need to go through an eviction scenario with my landlord.

(I've informed amex this will occur repeatedly ).

I'm supposed to have zero liability.

For their errors and omissions!

I  have bad blood where I reside.

I'm not going to be able to get another lease anywhere.

Question number one is always "Any Evictions"!

This is crazy!!!

Luckily I'm legal savvy.

There is a banking institute I believe is in Texas.

They govern and oversee banks and their practices.

I can't believe this could/would ever happen with AMEX !!!!!!!!

I'm disabled and it's not easy to find suitable housing that's affordable for me.

Nonetheless I advised the less than forthright rep(s).

They need to allow access to my account sphere I can access my notes.

I even stated that they could keep the  misappropriated funds in my account they found in September of 2016.

Now I have to Serve them with a court order to retrieve my records for my own defense.

I thought AMEX as in print were /are legally bound to represent me in a court action for which I had no control over.

I'm so vexed at the unconscionable ("a contract so one sided as to not be fair to both parties ")actions 

Which  have willfully and unethically been known to AMEX ,taken by AMEX  & I merely wish to interface with their legal dept.

This is disgraceful and lacks the "Good Faith" I thought I was under the gross misconception I would be provided with.

Well I'll be homeless & In a hotel by Thanksgiving!

I have one philosophy in life  and is most applicable.

I live by this quote of my own:

 "We can mitigate it or litigate it ball is in your court".

Best of luck to all who reads this!!


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Jun 16, 2016
Unscrupulous, Incompetent and Rude
Anonymous Account Holder

I could tell the customer service agent had been sleeping and just woke up when I first called to open this account. They didn't know the difference between a hard and soft inquiry. I called back the next day and was told that a hard inquiry would not be made to open the account. (still unconfirmed) I put $250k in my account and let it sit for a month, but they never updated my balance to reflect any interest earned. I tried to withdraw the money to my wife's bank account, which is allowed per their Deposit Account Agreement, but they refused. Even though I offered to provide proof that I have the authority to deposit, withdraw and exercise control over the funds in the account, American Express violated their own terms and conditions and insisted it must be my own personal account in my name that funds were being transferred to. They had absolutely no legal or ethical ground to stand on. I cannot stress enough that nobody should do business with any bank, such as American Express, that doesn't adhere to their own terms of service.

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Apr 29, 2016
Not Much to Complain About...
AzuraSkye Account Holder

I opened my AmEx Personal Savings account two years ago and haven't had any complaints with them really. At the time when I was researching for a trusted bank offering higher rates, AmEx was one of them. I own an AmEx Platinum card as well, and figured I love the company and their customer service is satisfying - what could happen if I opened a savings account with them too? From the beginning to this very day, I have been making deposits on a weekly basis which is completely easy to do on the Personal Savings website. In addition, the website is user-friendly and makes my life that much easier to log in / log out after completing the transfers in under two minutes. I have only contacted their customer service once and received knowledgeable, proper customer care. Otherwise than that, I have been handling the accont on my own without any help all these years. The only complaint I have is the three business days for transfers, but I clearly understand this is the normal protocol with my external bank account as well. I guess I don't have much say in that in having the funds expedited. Then again, I schedule weekly transfers in advance for the month so there's no frustration with waiting for it to clear at the last minute because I've already anticipated this. I gave it a 4 stars because I don't withdraw funds from savings so I can't comment on it. Same thing goes for taking advantage of customer service regarding any questions or assistance, because I have been able to utilize their website and self-service options on my own without any help needed. Lastly, I'm not quite a fan of waiting three business days for transfers but I can live with it. It's not the end of the world. 

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