American Financial R Reviews
Dec 19, 2016
terrible experience

Run, run away! Honestly, I know the low rate is tempting, but the frustration you will suffer through the entire experience is not worth it. I’ve never dealt with such unresponsive, unprofessional, uncaring people. At times, I felt like I was being conned because it was just such an unbelievably bad experience. I wondered if they were intentionally drawing it out and not returning my emails for some reason. It was just baffling.

If you still choose to work with eLend, know that you, the CUSTOMER, will have to be the proactive party in this transaction. Know that there will be many emails that go unanswered. Know that even when you provide all of the documentation needed – and quickly – there will be more and more and more information needed. And then needed again, because the old paperwork expired…because the process was taking so long…because they are incompetent.

And also, know that you will not get any sympathy from your originator or processor. They will not care that you are exhausted from the process and deserve answers. And know that likely it will take you contacting their supervisor to get action to finally happen so you can close and move on with your life. 

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