Ally Bank Reviews
Jan 11, 2017
New Car Auto Loan
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Appealing to use this loan service because of the 0% financing offiered. However, do not do it!  The customer service is horrible. My car was totalled in August, it's December and my insurance company still hasn't gotten the documents it needs from Ally. A simple Letter of Guarentee that my insurance company overnighted to them for the third time. When I called to ask about it no one could help me, after being transferred three times I finally got to the total loss department. I had never spoken to or heard from this department before, waited on hold for 35 minutes. 

I understand if you have a lower credit score they approve you fast and easy, but honestlyif you can get a loan through any other company I would. Ally is basically a predatory lender. 

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Jan 20, 2017
Avoid it like a plague!

For 1 simple reason, they're online, and everytime you have a very small issue, you have to wait 20-30 mins for someone to answer your call. You have to keep WAITING... who has that much time?! Why can I not use my email, phone number, security questions or whatever to get some security code to verify my identity like a normal bank?

I wish I never had it, but I'm glad I got away from it, and you should too!

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