Ally Bank Reviews
Dec 03, 2016
Ally is great, cashback credit card NOT

This is about the cashback credit card ONLY:

1. Very weak password protection (6-8 character, more is not allowed!) that even still legal?

2. Separate login for ally banking, credit card AND redeeming cashback rewards...not consumer friendly at all

3. The password you choose for your rewards profile has to actually have a special character while the password to your credit card account can only have up to 8 characters... where is the logic in that??? I doubt I have to secure my rewards from a hacker! This means I have 3 passwords to remember for ally now!!

4. Credit card account profile does not link to and there is no and won't be (according to customer service) an app... it is much harder to keep track of your balance.

5. You have to have a minimum of $25 to redeem anything

6. To open the card a minimum 250$ transfer balance is required on which ally slaps a 10$ fee. This is plainly ridiculous.

I applied for this card as an existing ally customer because the cashback reward terms are very attractive. Now, however, I am considering to close this just opened account because it is extremely consumer unfriendly. In short: I expected WAY MORE from ally. 

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