Ally Bank Reviews
May 11, 2017
No Customer Service

The product is good. But good luck finding someone to talk to if there is an issue. 

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May 23, 2017
Good so far
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I recently switched to this bank because it was something I could access nationwide and since I travel for work I needed that. I switched from a small time credit union that, while good, could not offer the constant customer service Ally has. Have a question? Open up a chat with them, you can even do it on your computer while at work. I have not had to make a phone call yet, all my questions have been resolved over chat. My new debit card arrived less than a week after I opened the account. 

The only downside is that it takes 3 days for money transfers directly from another bank. BUT THIS IS CLEARLY STATED WHEN YOU INITIATE THE TRANSFER. So it's not like its a surprise and in general a few days is pretty standard (IMO) for a bank transfer. Most of the other times I've done a bank withdrawl it takes a few days at other institutions. It does also take them a few days to post a check, but again I guess that isn't a surprise/isn't too far off from other banks I've had. I'm still just happy I can do mobile deposit!

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