Ally Bank Reviews
Aug 13, 2017
Worst auto loan ever!!

They are the worst. There customer service is horrible as well. They don't ever listen to you and they don't want to help you. I promise you they will screw you over.  

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Aug 11, 2017
Not Veteran Friendly
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The bank has a program for military if they have payment problems but when transitioning out of the military there is nothing to help a wounded veterans. The problem I see with this is Military pay doesn't change usually but does has a dramatic change when getting out. Especially when wounded from combat, the veteran is on the wait game from the VA. When asked for help from Ally they said " if I were in active duty they could help" "nothing they can do for a Veteran that was just notified that VA finished the claim and I awaiting back pay". We usually repo at 90 but we repossessed my vehicle at 75 days after being with them for 36 month with 4 months left on the lease.

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