Ally Bank Reviews
Dec 04, 2017
If I could give it NO STARS I would.

I hate banking with them, I can wait until I can refinance my car. They don’t process payments properly, and when you call them back to complaint they say they will fix it and they won’t. So tired of having to deal with them. 

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Dec 12, 2017
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This company was presented with a legal document asking them to not have me or my account information go out of the United States and every time I call, that’s where I go. I then get the run around from some Manila Philippines or Mexico City Mexico or India.  To further no they decided to add a 30 day delinquency to a month that I was not delinquent in posting two months of past due payments for the month of November which I was not late and the month of December which honestly I was late. I’ve had to send them into the FTC several times and the consumer protection bureau in order to fix things. They do not abide by the law they also make a absurd statements  and never follow through with their promises.

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