Ally Bank Reviews
Apr 06, 2017
total cluster@#$%
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Ally financial uses offshore telephone crews for customer service and collections. Rule number one of good customer service broken. Communication in both chat and over the phone is next to impossible, they do not comprehend english. They follow phone scripts and simply frustrate and **** you off until you hang up on them! Go anywhere else for a loan, do yourself a favor! I have spent three days tracking downb a five thousand dollar payment I made to them. Thank goodness my bank trtacked it, ALLY has no clue whree it is, and guess what, I'm not making another one!

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Apr 21, 2017
Auto Loan Difficult to do business with.
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My husband has a loan with this company before we married.    He fell behind on his loan, and it has been hard to get his account strightened out.   Today is April 21st and I have aready made all previous payments.   I have also made the payment due for May 9th.   Yet, a late payment fee of 53.40  shows due today - for the payment due June 9th.   I've paid the "53.40" amount still due twice before now - and each time they take it off the next months payment due.  It seems this company lines it's pockets with fraudulent late fee charges.   I much prefer working with any of the other auto finance companies out there.  

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