Alliant CU Reviews
Apr 15, 2017
Horrible auto loan experience

Do not use unless you're ready to move at a snail's pace, as that's what they're accustomed to here, apparently. We chose a car and wrote a purchase agreement days ago, we were told that the check would be overnighted to our dealership, arriving Friday to get the car. They dropped the ball and the deadline passed for overnight delivery and now the check can be sent the next day, arriving Saturday. Of course, on Saturday, we find out that the check wasn't sent for Saturday delivery and would instead be arriving Monday. Which is terrible because we work 12 hour shifts so there's literally no way to get the car until this time next week. So nice to have a car paid for and no way to drive it! We even tried to get out of the loan and just finance through the dealer and they told us there was no way to. Thanks a lot.

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