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Mar 03, 2012

If quick ACH transactions matter to you, you cannot go wrong with Alliant. I regularly use it has my hub account for moving money wherever I need. Alliant does not hold the money for one or more days, as many other banks do, merely for float. Alliant's customer service is also quite good. I used my Alliant account to perform a wire transfer -- a modest $25 fee -- and the phone communication I had to verify the amount, the destination and other details was superb. In terms of qualifying as a member, one criteria is membership in your local school's Parent-Teach Association (PTA).

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 01, 2012
Fortunately, they lied in writing!

The worst experience I have ever had. 

I was immediately approved for a home loan, but from then on, it was a nightmare! 

On the 60th day of a 45 day escrow, I cancelled my contract. This was after signing loan papers and forwarding my down payment. This was the second day of my 3 day cancellation period and  the day they decided they needed another two weeks before anyone could sign off on the loan. This was a property issue that they said (In writing) they had resolved a month earlier. Had I agreed to this extension, I would have been responsible for fees and interest on a loan for a piece of property that they were preventing me from taking possession of.

Besides all this, I waited 3 weeks for an appraisal , putting me out of contract., numerous misrepresentations and outright lies. 

On their assurances, I made two trips (400 miles from my current home) waiting to close. 

I am in California, the appraiser they used was in Pennsylvania, the Loan Officer in Chicago and the Loan Processor in Denver. 

I ended up having to pay cash for the property because I was well out of contract and in danger of losing the monies I had already spent.

The funny part is, I went with them because I had enough money in their bank to pay cash...I thought it would be easier!! 

One more thing, they reported to credit monitoring companies that I could not wait for them so I went with another lender. I have now found out that my FICO score went down because there were "no credits on my real estate account". I paid cash, I have no real estate accounts. Something else I have to clean up.

Needless to say, I am suing for damages.

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Oct 03, 2016
account closed
xavico1982 Account Holder

They will close your account for no activity. Hides fees and misleading advertising. stay away

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Sep 14, 2016
Really very good credit union
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been with Alliant for about 5 years.  I have had checking account, savings account, credit card and HELOC with them.  The HELOC rate was very competitve and no fees as part of special deal.  I just finished paying off the HELOC and now have a small credit card balance that will be paid off within the next month or so.  Still at 0% interest rate until November 2016.  I have found the customer service to be excellent with every service I have used.  I will stick with credit unions in the future.

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Aug 15, 2016
Lousy customer service
PG82 Account Holder

Alliant is a good CU for the savings account that offers 1% interest rate. It was very easy to open the account online and I got my membership details promptly in a week. Since I had a relationship with them, I also applied for a rewards credit card. Despite my good credit score and a >$5k savings balance, they made a huge fuss and offered a max of $2k credit limit, plus their underwriting team wanted a ton of supporting documents to prove my residency in the US and my future plans. Their customer support is very snarky and has a 'I dont give **** if you take your business elsewhere' attitude. Bad bad experience. Applied to Amex the same day and instantly got approved for a card with $12.5k limit. Yes, a bank that I don't have a relationship with offered a card with 6 times the credit limit with no hassle.

Don't waste time going to this CU for credit cards or loans, stick to the savings account purely for the interest they pay out.

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Aug 14, 2016
ONCE a great place to do business.
Anonymous Account Holder

Alliant was, 10-20 years ago, a great place to do business. My family has used them since the 1940s, Mother at 90 years old still banks here. Unfortunately, many of the good things such as customer service have continually eroded away. It's not a bad bank but the service and personnel care is a shadow of the former glory. I've not received a notice of a member meeting in years. If you have a problem and need to reach management forget it as like many of today’s useless drones, they hide behind an email barrier. Their not as bad as the monster banks but it does appear that they want to be.  I recommend you look for a local credit union where you can get a straight answer when you need it. I'm looking for one now.

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Jul 25, 2016
Great rates, good place to keep money
luminiferous Account Holder

Alliant has really good rates (though these days, 1% counts as a great rate).  Their ACH transfer facilities are really nice, so I use them to move money around between my various bank accounts.  They support lots of transfers, good scheduling options, and most importantly, they credit funds sent or received very promptly.  Branch network is very small (basically near United and former Continental hubs), and they don't do shared branching.

The mobile check deposit is nice; in an early version of it, I often had my deposits held for a day or two for manual verification, but a recent update seems to have fixed that.

They also have a 0% intro rate credit card that has no balance transfer fee, which is an unusually good deal.  I don't have it yet, but may want it before I need to make some major home improvement expenses!

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Apr 16, 2016
BevyH Account Holder

Alliant Credit Union is by far the BEST in the business. Top notch customer service, knowledgeable staff members, best rates, and I just love that they are always available 24/7 without waiting on hold. I've been a member before Continental Airlines Credit Union became Alliant Credit Union. Love, love, love the service. My whole family has accounts with this great institution. They do take good care of their members. Thank you Alliant!

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Mar 25, 2016
No communication
pal143 Account Holder

I was processing 2 refinance loans.  One is finally completed after 2 months and the other is still pending because of a bad appraisal.  I requested multiple times for a phone call from Jennifer Vancil, the loan processer, for updates but only received emails after several attempts.  My loan officer Nick Safis is also very untimely when requesting information or return calls.  I read another review regarding Nick that said he has issues return calls in a timely fashion however I went with Alliant because I was referred by a family member.  They also put the incorrect address on the overnight package that contained the payouts from the refinance.  I will not finish the loan that is still pending and will not do business with them again.

Lastly, their closing costs are extremely high I found out after I closed the first loan but searched for a new company to do my second loan with.

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May 14, 2015
Waste of time for RV loan

I applied for an RV loan through them for a park model unit.  I spent 5 days dealing with a loan officer that was very brisk and sounded annoyed every time I called to provide additional information he wanted.  After spending a week answering questions I received the response back (via email...real personable <sarcasm>) that they can't get approval for the park model, not even partial funding.  My credit rating is excellent, so I don't see where the issue is.    All I can say is it was a very bad and time-wasting experience for me.

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Feb 26, 2016

Who buys a RV?

Feb 13, 2015
They are amazing
sassyjml Account Holder

I have been a member since 2013. I have an IRA, Checking, and multiple savings account with this credit union. They have PHENOMENAL rates on their, IRA's, savings, AND checking accounts. They have excellent customer service as well. The only thing I could possibly complain about is that they have ugly cards -- but who cares?

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Jan 06, 2015
Unsecured Personal Loan

Application process was quick and easy -- took less than a week from application to funding.  Excellent service.  Approved with mid 600 credit scores, while PenFed denied.  Will use their services again when the time comes.

However, their call center reps don't particularly have the same upbeat attitude.  Can't win them all, I guess.

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