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Alliant Credit Union Reviews
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Jul 15, 2020
58 Minutes WASTED on the phone
1719Travers Account Holder

58 Minutes WASTED on the phone. Called with a question about my statement closing date. Spoke to 3 poorly trained representatives each with a holding time.  The first person I spoke to after holding said I needed to speak to card services after an additional hold the card services person said I needed to speak with Alliant, suggesting that card services is not part of Alliant. After another hold the 3rd representative didn't understand my question. In the end told me to wait for the branch to open to speak with someone who can answer my question. So much for 24/7 customer service.

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May 27, 2020
RichardCMG Account Holder

THIS IS A UNETHICAL COMPANY THAT PRACTICES RACE DISCRIMINATION!!!  They were quick to approve my credit line. Then upon receiving my Identification (mixed race) all of a sudden needed a dozen different kinds of further documentation for a simple credit card they'd already approved me for!  Shameful Unprofessional Conduct - AVOID this Company!

Applied to two different credit lines after this and was approved for both with equal or higher lines of credit with nothing more than an online 2 minute application!

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Feb 18, 2020
Absolute Worst Customer Experience
jbureau77 Account Holder

Never in my life have I ever had such a difficult time with a company that has financed a auto purchase for me. The rate was great and what I needed but that's where the happiness stopped. 

First Negative Experience: Due to confusion at the car dealer, the title wasn't properly handled. Despite my calling (and waiting on hold upwards of 10 minutes typically) multiple times on this to let Alliant know that I was working on getting it resolved, and that unfortunately the state was slow to process things, I continued to receive letters threatening that my interest rate would be raised to 24% because I was ignoring their requests.

Second Negative Experience: I had setup automatic payments on my loan from my checking account. After deciding to change who I bank with, and not being able to find how to change the account with Alliant, I called and spoke to an unbelievably rude person who treated me as if my request was the most ridiculous thing she'd ever heard. She proceeded to tell me I had to fill out a manual form and mail/fax it in and that it would take up to 30 days to process. 30 days just to change who my withdrawal is taken from. She also informed me that to setup a new account would require a second, equally as manual process. I asked if, instead, once the automatic withdrawals were cancelled, could I just login to the site to pay every two weeks, on the same schedule I did today automatically. She assured me I could.

Third Negative Experience: After receiving confirmation the automatic withdrawals had been stopped I tried to schedule a payment on the site. I continued to receive an error that my account had automatic withdrawals setup so I could not. I reached out 4 times and continued to be told the same thing, that the withdrawals had been stopped, but no explanation on the error. On the 5th attempt I finally got a response that because I am paying every two weeks, I cannot make a payment using an external account and have to transfer funds from the external account, to an Alliant Savings account, and then make my payment from that. This, the day before the payment is due.

I have never in my life had to go through so much hassle just to pay my car loan on time and ensure it always paid. I make every payment to every creditor I have on time, I have good credit... there is no reason for all the ridiclous steps they require you to go through just to make a payment. I will be working on refinancing as quickly as I can.

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