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Sep 28, 2017
Don't Waste Your Time With This CU
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If you don't need a loan, apply and they will give you a loan, if you need a loan, don't waste your time. I've banked with Achieve for almost 3 years, I have checking, savings, a car loan, a credit card and a personal signature loan with them. I had to borrow a substantial amount of money on my credit cards to pay an attorney for an appeal. BTW, nothing bad, I won a civil case the losing side appealed, and won the appeal. I went to the Achieva branch and applied for a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit), my home is free and clear worth around $300K plus or minus. I wanted to borrow $75K to consolidate my debt, do home improvements, pay property taxes for 2016 which I was behind on, and to fix damage caused by hurricane Irma that just went through here (Cape Coral, FL). The requested loan was a 25% loan to value.
After hurricane Irma, I was told that mortgage lending had been suspended indefinitely because of the hurricane; but was told I was approved for a $25K unsecured loan. I said OK, let’s to that and when you start mortgage lending again you can process the HELOC and pay the signature loan off. With the $25K I intended to pay off their credit card and the signature loan and use the remainder for storm damage repair. Even though I was told I was approved, not pre-approved, which means approved contingent upon... but approved and 5 days later I was turned down for a loan that I was already approved for.

At this point they had restarted the mortgage lending programs, so I moved forward with the HELOC. A week went by and I heard nothing at which point I contacted Barbara whom was the initial person I had talked to when I first applied, she said she would look into it, which she did and came back a week later saying that the bank wouldn't lend anything to me because I was behind on property taxes and that they had done the signature loan for $5k a year earlier to consolidate my credit card debt and that my credit card balances were back up. I told them all of this up front and further told them why the CC balances were high that being the funds to the attorney; none of it made any difference. All they said is we are a very conservative lender, meaning if you need the $, forget it, if you don't need the money we would be happy to loan it to you.

My credit score was/is 714, I had never missed a payment to them on any accounts and my credit report showed a perfect payment history for all my creditors. There is also the fact that my home is free and clear so making a 25% loan to value loan would mean that they are more than secured.

3 years ago, Achieva was customer oriented and worked hard to help their customers, now 3 years later they couldn't care less. I guess that's what happens when the company grows, the customer becomes and or is of little concern to them now.

It's not just, the friend that referred me to Achieva had major issues with them ultimately closing all her accounts, and a friend I referred to them had issues and did the same thing.

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