Achieva CU Reviews
Mar 10, 2017
Unethical Banking Practices
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Last year I took out a car loan with Achieva. I recently opened a checking account. This was not a condition of approval of the car loan but rather a voluntary action on my part. I had my pay direct deposited into this account. This past month I was late in making the car payment. Guess what --- without my knowledge or consent they simply debited my  checking account. I am sure in the reams of disclosures / paperwork, this policy was disclosed, however, I was unaware of it and find this practice unethical. To add insult to injury, the debited my account the day before I paid my rent and charged me an NSF fee.  Now I have directed my employer to deposit my pay into my other checking account at Suntrust bank.  No longer with Achieva have control over my checking account to raid it when it wants to. Simply an unethical, tacky, small town credit union.

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