ABNB Federal CU Reviews
Dec 22, 2016
Non existent services.

ABNB has no current online banking assistance or any sort of assistance over the phone for any issues with their accounts. I had a loan out for a vehicle that was totaled, when trying to get the bank to give me information on the services i need refunded for the GAP insurance to pay off the remaining balance they provided no information. When attempting to cancel payments on the remaining balances due to the vehicle being totaled they still continue to charge my account and they do not have any sort of online services to cancel or hold such payments requiring everything they do in person or via fax which if you dont have a fax machine becomes neucence. Their customer service is friendly but many times they cannot provide information, or have no information on the question you are asking, you cant even get your account number and transit number like many other bank services provide for ease of access. If you need that information from them it requires a letter or an email which the latter is not provided in the time frame that they say will be provided in.

All in all it is a bank that does have friendly staff but when it comes to you as a member they provide almost no services, and the services they provide requires you to have a local branch or another branch that is connected to their network which if you rely on online or mobile banking this bank does not and it seems will not provide you with services you need. 

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