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BEWARE of UNITY secured VISA advertised on CreditKarma
I applied for secured UNITY VISA through OneUnited Bank. It had low fix interest (17%); $39 annual fee and reported to all 3 bureaus. I chose them because their website said you could do online payments and monitor your account. I was approved and I transfered the minimum $300 from my checking account. Two days later I found out that UNITY had discontinued both online payment and account monitoring over a year ago. I immediately asked for my application to be cancelled and return my deposit. First, they said they hadn't received "verification" of receiving my funds. Then email saying they received my request to "close" my account and refund of security deposit but a balance remained. (Card never issued, account never opened because they claimed they didn't have my security funds yet.) They wanted to charge the $39 annual fee. I told them they enticed me to get their card by FALSE ADVERTISING about online payment and account monitoring. They discontinued it over a year ago but website still saying it does. I reported them to BBB for False Advertising and was preparing complaint to Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Upon this news, they agreed I would receive my money back in 5-7 days and would cancel my application. VERY DISORGANIZED CUSTOMER RELATIONS. Received 3 emails with contradictory information. One address to "Dear ", no name inserted.

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Inconvenient, but not a scam

Helpful to 5 out of 6 people

I opened my account prior to them stopping the online payment program.  For me, it was as simple as adding them to my credit union's online bill pay and paying it out that way.  I've never had any issues with payments not being received or posted by them in a timely manner.  i usually try to schedule the payment 5-7 days before it's due.  Typically payments post to the account within a day or two.  For example, I made a payment to my Unity account on Monday, Aug. 22.  It posted to my Unity account the next day.

I've had this account since May of 2014 and I've had zero problems with them thus far.  Full disclosure, I've never missed a payment, and have had no reasons to contact them, so I cannot comment on their customer service.  However, I've never had any problems with payments being received late, or not posting in a timely manner, whether through their discontinued online payment service or my own CU bill pay.  For a person like me with rebuilding credit, the "lower" fixed APR is far more palatable than some of the other secured cards out there running at 20+%.

That being said, it is poor service to not offer any form of online payments in this day and age.

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My payment is due on every 25 of the month. I send the payment on the 15. They never received the payment and I was charged late fees. Then I send them the payment on the 10 and they never received the payment again and charged me late fees. I HAVE TO LITERALLY SEND THE PAYMENT OUT 20 DAYS PRIOR WHICH MEANS I have to send my payment on the 5 of every month for them to receive it by the 25 and not charge me any late fees. Luckily the 2 times i was late didnt happen back to back. In today's world who doesnt offer an online payment. ITS A SCAM!

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Thank you for sharing this, this is helpful information for anyone considering this company. I also want to say, Welcome to the forums here, I've read some of your answers to questions tonight and you've given some good advice. I hope you stick around here, there is only a few of us on here now that spend any amount of time answering questions.

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Not a bad card

While this card does not offer online payments through it's website or by phone you can easily pay through your bank's bill pay service or by mailing a check, not that hard to do and the fees and interest rate on this secured card are fairly low along with the fact that it does not require a large deposit to open.  I opened my account online with no trouble at all.

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I just got this card. Are you still with OneUnited Bank?

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i open this card one year ago (2016) balance $3.000,  everything on this card look outsourced, you get contradictory information everytime you contact CS, 1. the payment can be done only by check or throught your bill pay. 2. Dispute take forever, 6 months to be resolved 3. I closed my account request my security deposit to be reverse , back onto my account, they refused , and want me to payoff the $3.000 balance , wait 3 month then they will send me a check. I filed a complaint throught the banking dept, becarefull

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Out Dated

There is no way to pay online or by phone.  This detail isn't something I even thought to ask about when I applied for the card in 2016. That's THE YEAR OF OUR LORD TWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN not 1960.  Online bill pay with a pay by phone back up option has been a given for every bill I've ever had.  So this came as a surprise as I was playing beat the clock with my due date.  Needless to say I was very disappointed and will be closing this account as soon as my balance is paid in full. I don't recomend this card if you're from the 21st century.

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Close Unity Visa

I am taking this time to write, and I hope it will be helpful for many

It’s important to know WHAT PROBLEMS you getting into prior making this Unity Visa Credit Card , be very careful before making this bad decision

I made 3 “Secured Credit Cards” a few years ago , I was very happy with ALL, until Unity Visa has changed their policy, and Unity Visa became impossible to work with , The worst Credit Card Company, I don’t know how they are still in business, I guess people like to suffer the same way I did for a few years  (I just closed the Unity Visa Credit Card) I stayed with Merrick Bank and Capital Bank both of them are a pleasure

Here are the problems I had with Unity Visa

Since they stopped accepting Pay By Phone or On Line Payments This is the problems I had the last 2 years

1-      I usually receive the credit card bill on the 10th of the month, The due date is on the 25th , Even I mail the check/payment same day of receiving the bill, there is a big chance of being late, since the USPS takes a few days, Unity Visa processing takes a few days, so there is a 80% chance of being late, I have the pressure every month to go on line, and see if the statement has already been posted, then mail a check before I even get the paper bill

2-      I had once where they haven’t received the mailed check – I was hit with a late fee of $35.00 –  There was no way I can proof that it was mailed..

3-      Since then I started using “Check Payments through Chase Bank” so I can track the day they mailed checks and see on line when vendors deposit the check,  and I never had a problem with anyone using that feature from Chase – the ONLY PROBLEM I had, was with Unity Visa – The money was debited from my account through Chase Bank, because they mailed the check, and Unity Visa claimed they never received it , even I had proof it was send out and chase bank debited to funds

Customer Service

A-     They don’t accept emails

B-     The ONLY way to communicate with them is by phone –  and don’t expect to get through to someone before waiting 30+ minutes

C-     They have a call center in Pakistan and they hardly know English , so if you need to speak to another rep, you will wait another 30+ minutes (BTW if you are looking to waste time this is perfect, a simple call will keep you from 1-2 hours

D-     Most of the times, you reach the wrong department, and they will need to transfer your call, and finally waiting another half hour, it was again the wrong department… You can’t imagine the frustration ..

E-     Once I was waiting for 48 Minutes and the phone got disconnected

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