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Oct 23, 2016
Instant approval, pleasantly surprised!
heavensent78 Cardholder

Ever since this card was released, I wanted it. However, I was certain that my credit scores weren't worthy of its premier benefits. After weeks and weeks of research, reading reviews, and getting myself excited about the card's stellar sign-on bonus and benefits, I bit the bullet and applied online. Before doing so, I used the preapproval tool on the Chase website and was only preapproved for the Sapphire Preferred, Freedom Unlimited, and Slate. I thought, eh, whatever. If I get declined, I can stop lusting over the Reserve and move on. But to my surprise, I received an instant approval for $10,000.

Back in the early 2000s, I destroyed my credit by making some not-so-smart decisions. I was so irresponsible with my accounts, and my score dipped into the low 500s. However, In 2006, I purchased a used car with a 5-year interest rate was super high but I dug that grave, so I made sure that I made all of the payments on time, and before I knew it the car was paid off. Since paying off this car, I used cash for everything and sort of just ignored my credit profile. Fast forward to this year: In May 2016, I decided it was finally time to become "credit healthy." In June 2016, I applied for the Chase United MileagePlus Explorer card and was instantly approved for $5,000. I was stoked, because I only applied for it after seeing a promo offer for a 70k sign-on bonus (and United is my preferred airline). Then in August 2016, after researching cards made for consumers who are rebuilding credit, I applied for an unsecured Capital One Platinum card and received an instant approval for $3,000.

Since opening my United MileagePlus Explorer account, I made at least two payments per month - making sure I paid more than the minimum due. At the end of September 2016, I saw that my limit on this card increased from $5,000 to $9,500. On the Capital One card, I pay off the balance in full each month since I only use it for smaller purchases (those late night fast food cravings!). Currently, my limit is still set at $3,000.

So the more important stuff... My CK scores are currently: TU:684, EQ:652. I have zero derogatory accounts, one student loan account with a $33k balance, one personal loan with a $4,700 balance, and my paid-off car is still showing on my report. My payment history on 100% on TU and 99% on EQ. My annual salary is $44k. CK stated my approval odds for this card as "Very Good," if that matters to anyone (I always take these with a grain of salt). I have one hard inquiry on both TU and EQ (at the time of applying for the Reserve card) and two new credit accounts in the past 24 months. My current utilization is at 46%.

I think I was approved not so much for my credit scores, but moreso for my history with Chase. I've been banking with Chase for over 10 years (I started with WaMu). And I think it also helped that I showed positive credit activity with their United MileagePlus Explorer card, despite the fact that I've only had the card for four months. I feel like I'm an outlier as far as credit score approvals for the Reserve card goes, but I also feel blessed to have this opportunity to continue strengthening my credit and take advantage of those awesome benefits! I apologize for my long story, but I figured it might help those of you out there who are considering this card but don't have what CK would consdier "Good" credit or above. I hope this review helps. Good luck, everyone!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Sep 27, 2016
The card ships pre-activated
jakebilbrey Cardholder

I applied for this card and it took a while to get approved, and then they shipped the card pre-activated so when it was stolen my first sign that they had actually sent the card was after it had been used for $2000 in fradulent purchases by a UPS thief. So I don't actually own this card, but Chase would say I do. I feel like this is a major security flaw that should never have been an issue if Chase took proper precautions.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Mar 11, 2017
approved with TU 710, equifax 715
CT19130 Cardholder

My sister and friend both have this card and got me interested in it as well.  The perks that come with it are worth the hefty $450 annual fee. The annual travel credit of $300 and priority pass access to lounges (typically $35-40 per access) so after like 4 visits to these lounges really cancels out the annual fee. I was surprised that I was approved for $13,000, especially since this time last year my score was at a 650 with TU due to some poor payment histories from my college years but I got it back up to TU 710 and my current annual income is $78,000. I took a star away because the sign on point bonus was 50,000 online and 100,000 in a branch but I have no branches within 50 miles from me. When I called in asking to see if I could get the additional points due to the fact that I couldn't go to a branch since there were none, the customer service rep just said there wasn't anything he could do and that if I wanted the points, I should have traveled to a branch.

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Mar 10, 2017
Don't assume you don't qualify
sfsummer Cardholder

I've been wanting the Chase Sapphire Reserve card for a few months now, but wanted to lower my cc utilization to below 10%. I'm rebuilding my credit, and have scores between 685-730, have an Amex cash back card with limit of $5000, DiscoveryIT card with limit of $5500, and a Citibank card with a limit of $1800. My average age of credit is ~4 years. I was under the 5/24 rule and have a checking account and car loan from Chase (always paid on time), and annual income of about ~$140k. I went into the branch (3/10/17) to get the 100k point bonus before it ended on 3/12/17. I honestly didn't think I would get approved and was readying myself to talk to recon or see if I could get the CSP card. Literally less than 5 minutes later, they told me I was approved for $13k.   

I say go for it, this offer is too good to pass up.

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Mar 09, 2017
Best Card I ever had
Serejun88 Cardholder

Simply Love It. As a CRA all I do is travel. A lot.

Spent over 10k first month and got the bonus 3 weeks after account opening. Added my wife as authorized user, and it was delivered before got confirmation email confirming it's been sent. Exacly Jimmy Jones style

Priority Pass;


Excellent Customer Service. Now sit back and collect UR for my Honeymoon

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Mar 08, 2017
Great card to use.
Anonymous Cardholder

I've spent well over $10k in purchases in a month it's nice to watch the points add up.

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Mar 04, 2017
Chase is amatuer hour.
mosterlol Cardholder

If you are used to great customer service like American Express, avoid this card like the plague.   Chase is total amatuer hour.   Last weekend went to use my Chase card to pay for my wife's birthday dinner.   It was rejected and I had to ask a friend to pay for the meal.  Totally embarrassing.   I call them up and it takes 3 calls to resolve the problem.   This weekend, I am in line at grocery store and go to make a $47 purchase and they decline the charge 2x.   I am now that guy who is slowing the whole **** line down becuase I can't pay.   I call them up and they say that the reason this week is because of some charge on Friday that they had questions about.  Did they ever send me an email, text message or phone call about their concerns, so that I know my card is not going to work?  Of course not, because this is the Chase amatuer hour.    I have had Amex cards for years but figured I would try this card because of the 100,000 points.  Chase is acting like they are dealing with Joe Sixpack who can't afford to pay their cable bill and not someone who can choose whatever card they want.  If you want this card, do it for the points but know the service is going to suck.

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Mar 04, 2017
Happy to have it!
Anonymous Cardholder

Make sure your lifestyle supports having this card. All my credit scores are high 600's. My utilization is 9%. My income is 60k+. My credit isn't perfect but I pay my balance every month. I applied today in-branch to get the 100k pt bonus. You have until 3/12/17. I figured I would give it a shot. I got the card w/ 10k limit. I'm posting b/c in reading so many reviews it helped and informed me to apply. I do have a 2yr history w/ Chase, checking acct & Chase freedom card. I hope this post helps. Credit Karma DID NOT recommend it and I had NO preapproval offer.

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Feb 27, 2017
Cant Beat it Right Now
Ben1Ben1Ben Cardholder

Just applied today. Score 743, 744. Got approved with $10k credit line, 20% APR (lowest offered is around 16%) If you go to the branch before 3/12/17, you can still get the 100,000 point bonus versus the 50,000 that they offer online. The rewards look amazing. The only thing that Amex has on this card is priority boarding and free bag with the Delta cards.

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Feb 16, 2017
Amazing perks.
RobRomeo Cardholder

At the time of applying to be honest I was just looking for a card to rack up points for travel and was just looking for the amazing 100k sign on bonus at the time. It was the last day they would be offering it but I thought my credit score was nowhere near where it needed to be for a card of this status. I always pay on time but had a rogue student loan acct that I didnt know existed and had a recent drop in score bringing me from 740s ish down to the 630s. It had been a few months and was steadily working my way back up but was only at maybe 670 when I applied. I was AMAZED when i just went for it and actually got approved and am now working towards reaching the spend for the bonus. Since getting the card I've taken advantage of the TSA/Global Entry credit and signed up for priority pass and got to use in Las Vegas (must have for anyone travelling if you dont have any sort of lounge access!!!). Its only been a few months so i dont have much to say regarding customer service or anything but if youre looking for a travel card this definitely seems worth it to me so far.

Approved for 11k , under the 5/24 chase rule.

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Feb 13, 2017
Want this card? Here is a plan
fr3 Cardholder

This is a great card (so far on paper as I literally was just approved). When I applied, CK had my credit score at TU: 699 and EQ: 702. Applied and got approved at the branch (you have to go to the branch to get the 100K points).

Note that just six months ago my credit score was 631 (TU) and 640 (EQ). I did not have any credit cards, had an open lien and 1 car loan (with Chase) with no missed payments. The plan that worked for me was to:

1. Get the CapitalOne Platinum card which only gave me $2K credit limit (CapitalOne increased the limit to $3K after the first 5 months of no missed payment - I didn't have to call fo an increase). 

2. Paid and satisfied the open lien, 

3. Used CapitalOne monthly without exceeding 10-15% utilization

4. Paid balance of CapitalOne in full every month

5. Continued to pay my auto loan on time (as it was done since the start of the loan)

Results: My credit went up to the current scores in just 6 months.  The Sapphire Reserve was not even recommended by CK, it had it as fair. But read a few reviews that bolstered my confidence. Note that I was also shopping for a new bank and went with Chase. I do not think it had any bearings on approval but who knows. Thought to mention it just in case we have die-hard sports fans that like to know all aspects of what one does to recreate it (superstitions). Hope this helps, I'm super thrilled to have this card. 

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Feb 09, 2017
Approved after being denied CSP
BBitty Cardholder

Against all odds, I applied for this card in anticipation of traveling a lot. I'm 20, bring in only $40K a year, with a FICO score of only 670 and was instantly approved. I laughed when I saw the approval, since I was Denied the CSP, Amex Blue Preferred, and Barclay Arrival Plus. It doesn't make much sense but I'll take it, and benifit from every perk this card offers.

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Mar 16, 2017

U mind if I ask what card u had and how much cl before u apply ? Cuz I have similar situation as u and I like this card soo much, Real Appreciate that!

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