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Apr 04 2016
Credit Karma Member

I have 685 between the two scores on here. Got approved really quick but only a $500 limit. Oh well it's a start. I have a capital one with $6,500 and a delta rewards Amex with $1000 limit. This may be why it was so low but I also have 4 older derogatories. Trying to get my credit back in shape. Wish me luck.?

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Oct 10 2016
Be aware of ever increasing APR!!!!
Credit Karma Member

Had this card for years, they kept increasing my APR from 13% to 20% within 6 month !? Nobody is able to lower your APR, only raise it.? Then, when you get your letter in the mail, which I didn't, stating that they will raise your APR, they give you the choice to decline the raise which in turn closes your account, which in turn dings your credit score.? I just took the ding cause they told me my APR would go up once more in December.? ALSO, which is illegal, they apply the new higher APR to you current balance, not to any new charges...... Young people be aware !!!!!!

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Aug 02 2020
My most used card!
Credit Karma Member

I or use two cards, my bank debit card and this card. I use it for larger purchases, because I rack up the rewards! Love getting them. They are very good when it comes to resolving issues of any kind. Their representatives are great.

Aug 01 2020
Very Good
Credit Karma Member

Card holder for 5 years never have trouble with rewards returning to designated account.

Jul 14 2020
Applied but no response
Credit Karma Member

How long does it take to process the application? I applied on 5th July and so far no answer.

Jul 03 2020
not woth the trouble
Credit Karma Member

after reading reviews it sounds like if you have good credit they wont approve you. And just put another hit on your report. but thats normal for chase. I just closed my account with them.

Apr 19 2020
Credit Karma Member

I have a 800 + scores on all three credit bureaus, and absolutely ZERO credit card debt. I recently applied for the Chase card, and was was denied due to "too many inquires". If you have more than a couple inquires on your credit report, don't even bother to apply. It's just going to put another hit on your report.

Apr 09 2020
Credit Karma Member

Mar 23 2020
Credit Karma Member

After credit karma said that my odds were great I applied. I was declined! I have great credit and my balance is under 30%. I don't believe credit karma and feel they are very misleading! And now I have a hit on my credit!!!

Feb 16 2020
Great card
Credit Karma Member

Never any problems with this card cash back and customer service are great. Only complaint is if chase suspects fraudulent activities in a certain area they will dent purchases leading to uncomfortable situations in line at stores etc. Never have that issue with my amex. Otherwise no complaints great card

Feb 05 2020
Complete waste of time
Credit Karma Member

Even with pre-approval and a 700 Plus credit score denial is imminent if you have a delinquency 5 years ago it it's paid and full. Fyi

Feb 05 2020
Complete waste of time
Credit Karma Member

Even with pre-approval and a 700 Plus credit score they will turn you down for a five-year-old delinquency that is paid.

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Chase Freedom Unlimited®

Chase Freedom Unlimited®

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