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Nov 04, 2017
Low Credit Line Approved
JohnDoeAnon Cardholder

My credit card limits average out between $5,000-10,000 and I applied for this card because I bank with them already. My plan was to do a balance transfer from some medical bills I had to charge a few months back. The application process was a little more tedious than other credit card applications I have completed in the past, but it went fairly quickly. My credit score is around a 750, and they approved me for a mere $600. I called a few days after applying to ask for a credit line increase due to wanting to take advantage of the 0% 15-month balance transfer offer. After speaking to a representative and giving her the same exact information I put down in the application just days before, I asked for an 8x increase. I was told I would receive a decision in the mail within 5-7 business days. Two days later the credit line increase was showing in my online account. Issue resolved, and they've got a happy customer.

Overall, I am satisfied with the credit line offered after calling them, and it only took about ten to fifteen minutes of my time. 

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Aug 19, 2017
Malachi Griffith
Anonymous Cardholder

Credit Limit Cards that goods.

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Jun 05, 2017
The 0% offers are a scam
Anonymous Cardholder

The 0% balance transfers are good only if you use one transfer per year.  Case in point.  I used a 0% balance transfer in 10/17.  I planned on paying that off by 10/18.  However, I used another transfer check in June, 2017.  When I started paying extra beyond the minimum due to deplete the earlier balance, the extra payment actually goes to the latest balance transfer.  So unless I pay off the newest transfer in 4 months, and the old one as well, in October the first balance transfer will go up to 15%.  The more recent one which we be paid off in 4 months will now equal a 12% annual interest since I already paid 4% for the priveledge of the transfer.  Two other banks that I used 0% transfers with actually apply additional principal toward the oldest transfer balance first.  BIG SCAM and shame on US Bank.  That part of the repayment plan is not shown on the paperwork that they send with the balance transfer checks.  

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Jun 04, 2017
An old scam credit card
Anonymous Cardholder

Minimum payment online different  than bill resulting in penaltys. Bill receives late by mail resulting in late payment fees. 

Need to just cancel I guess>

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May 01, 2017
Ridculously Low Limit Card
hoodun Cardholder

I have an average of $8k per card on all my other cards, a 700+ score, and US Bank has not budged me past $1k after 7 years. Complete waste. I can't make any sort of purchase without going into high utilization so it just remains empty. This card has done nothing but hurt my credit. If you are fresh out of high school and building credit this may be the card for you. Otherwise, do not waste your time. US Bank does not have the means to loan to anyone.

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May 14, 2017

So obviously you haven't requested a credit line increase in 7 years...your fault not the banks.....and US Bank does have the means to loan to tons of people....you just have to ask

Apr 06, 2017
Do not do business with US bank!
hellolin Cardholder

Reward does not get posted, their website also do not update the amount paid right away, has worst technology and service than my local credit union, what a disgrace!

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