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Jul 10, 2016
Great 0% Interest Card
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I applied for this card online last week and did not receive an instant approval.  Card came in the mail yesterday with my welcome package. It advised my limit was $300 and i need to establish at this limit for one year.  I have no problem with this I will just make small purchases and enjoy no interest, free shipping, and free gift wrapping.  Prices are high in this store but I love the professional clothing.  They have great sales and I plan to shop during them.  My CK score is 689 but I know scores lower than this can be approved.  Look forward to growing my limit with Von Maur.

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Oct 11, 2016

You guys are really helpful, I applied everything said and used it to assist me in process. Thanks for the true reviews. I have mid 600credit rating  and given a CC. I watched out for thing you guys mentioned z Galli

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