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Jan 24, 2017
NO INTEREST. Enough said :-)
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This is a store card of your dreams. They do not charge interest, no annual fee etc. Amazing card. Must have for anyone who shops Von Maur. Wish other stores followed their lead. One tip. You have a secret credit limit kind of like american express. They report you highest balance at the time with a pre-set limit they know. If you purchase and go over that limit they will pull your report again to verify you meet criteria and approve. As far as payment, it is based on balance. 0-100$ balance is like 25/th and 101-160 is like 27/mth (dont quote me on the amounts exactly), but you get the idea on monthly payment. The higher you rack up the higher your monthly payment will be. This card is a must have. No rewards but a 0% APR and no annual fee...that is reward enough for me.

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Mar 04, 2017
Easy to get

I applied for this card when my credit score was around 620. I didn't get approved instantly I was told that they would send me a letter with their decision in 7 to 10 business days. When I received the letter it stated that I had to call them because they needed more info. At that time I was disputing something on my credit report so I need to answer some security questions. Once I answered the question the representative asked me what credit limit I would like and I said $2000. He then came back and told me I was approved for $2000. This was one of the easier applications

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