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Sep 28, 2017
Ruthless bait and switch overlords.

This COMENITY CAPITAL BANK-owned "HSN card" connects itself to HSN by name--THE "HSN CARD", so you think you are dealing with the people at HSN, but you are NOT. HSN's rep--the tv product sales company's representative--is the one WHO ASKED ME if I wanted to apply for the HSN card. This makes you believe from the beginning they're connected. The people at HSN do not explain the terms and real deal to you upfront, and you think that everything is on the up-and-up and nice and rosy, but it is not. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. AND THEY WANT IT THAT WAY. Run! I never expected to have a problem, because I used the FlexPay and so everything was set up to work automatically. But, once something went a little off, it was a nightmare. I set up my debit card to pay the HSN card in order to get the "Flex Pay--" ONLY charged to the HSN card not be something you have to pay by check, and from there it got very hairy. First of all, I stressed to the representative at HSN--the tv shopping part--when I made the purchase, that I could only receive MAIL at my PO box and NOT at my street address, where I needed products--PACKAGES DELIVERED ONLY, and they got it wrong. So right off the bat, a mistake made by them that I went out of my way to avoid. The HSN card attempted to send mail to my street address, and it was sent back. I had to call them to ask where is my bill! Turns out, I wasn't late on a payment, bc I made a purchase in February, and they did not set everything up right away and expect payment UNTIL APRIL. Which APPEARS wonderful, but I like to get going on payments to keep everything sensible and in order. I had to call them again about not receiving their mail it was so long, which I feel is too burdensome. This delayed set-up business practice promotes confusion and sort of forgetting about the obligation and is shotty. Their statements are also very confusing. They do not show your full balance bc of flex-pay. Even when you do decide you are ready to just write one check and be done with them, you have to do extra work to figure out what the balance is. YOUR STATEMENT should tell you! There are multiple addresses--no less than four addresses--you must use to communicate with them. At one point when I spoke with a woman at HSN, a supervisor, she laughed it off, and said that they didn't have anything to do with the HSN card and that she wished that was made more clear. Yet their websites are linked and most everything they do is linked, except when it comes to something that really benefits the consumer. My debit card was hacked, and therefore the payments to the HSN card did not go through. So I contacted HSN directly and paid them. I closed my HSN Comenity Capital Bank card, but they are still harassing me, calling me four and five times a day from an unknown number. I finally decipher the back of my bill with the four separate addresses, and have written a letter to them in hopes that it will get straightened out soon. HSN refused to reach out to "their own" card company and update them that THEY do not require any payment from me--that my account with them is at a zero balance and therefore HSN CARD should not be expecting payment. On an account that was closed in June. The interest rate is extremely high at nearly 27%. Run! You think it won't matter, because you know you are going to pay it off every month, but it is not worth it. Don't do it. There are cards you can search out there that have a lower interest rate. I have not had a credit card since the 80s, and decided to take a chance on this company because I know I need to build some credit, and of course, I was buying something from HSN, and they offered the card, and that is the only way to get the Flex Pay...but they made it very difficult to do business with them and I would not recommend them at all. This setup is fraught with problems, intended to confuse and not worth your energy, because, even when you do not really need the time to pay, and able to pay, it will suck more and more energy and cause regret and strife. I was in tears on the phone with them, trying to figure out exactly what is going on with these two companies, before I figured out what I have explained above. Having the HSN Comenity Bank HSN card is the only way that you can take advantage of there FlexPay, and so for them to say that they are not linked is really suspicious to me and should not be allowed. I haven't read any other reviews, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are taking advantage of a lot of people who may not be able to understand what I was finally able to understand. Other banks tell you debit cards getting hacked is a fact of life now, so COMENITY CAPITAL BANK/HSN Card knows this, and should make allowances for it when it does occur and affects things. Where was their excessive effort to contact me when it mattered--when THEY GOT THE ADDRESS WRONG or my debit card had suspicious activity? Terrible bank.

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