Westlake Financial Reviews
May 15, 2017
Poor Service and fee after fee

I have been a customer for a few years. I made the mistake of transposing 2 digits on my account routing number and they were unable to process a payment. Instead of having a second step system in place to either reject the payment initially to alert the customer that they may have entered incorrect information, or instead of Westlake contacting me to verify my account information once they realized that the payment didn't process, they didn't say a word! Which is truly baffling because they manage to call no less than 8 times a day if your payment isn't made by the due date! No grace period? Totally fine! No second step payment verification process is sub par and COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! Naturally, they reported the payment as NSF and did not inform me that they hadn't received the payment! Instead held it to weeks, added a NSF fee to my account, reported the now late payment to the credit bureaus and ohhhh....LOCKED ME OUT from accessing my online account to make any payments or verify payment history. And now I am under their "probation" and can only make payments via the reps over the phone at a fee of $5 because of the inappropriate NSF. I went back and forth with the highly scripted customer care reps...all of whom take their roles very seriously and accused me of not having money in the bank. Instead of them helping me to resolve the issue in regards to the transposed digits, they continued to offer the option of an extension as if I would want to stay locked in a contract with them a moment longer than I need to! I have not had a single pleasant experience with them and I am certainly slow to write a review but this took the cake. Simply put, expect to be me treated poorly whenever you interact with any of their representatives! They lack the capacity to veer off script and actually investigate, escalate and resolve customer concerns! If you go with this company, you're on your own! And be sure you document EVERYTHING! Their processes are extremely outdated and speak only to the interest of their company, not their customers! 

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