Westerra CU Reviews
Oct 12, 2014

Westerra's customer service has become so bad that I try not to call or ask for anything beyond cashing a check or making a quick deposit. I joined Lowry AFB credit union when I was 10. Then when I became a teacher I joined DPS credit union. Through the years more than four credit unions have merged and their customer service has disappeared.  The tellers at the three locations I go to are very nice and even remember my name. But if I go beyond that, people are curt and aloof.  There is one teller in the Himalaya branch in Centennial who is just hateful and rude.  Last week I called to ask about refinancing my house then sent a note using online banking site ....and no one has called me back. They just don't care anymore. I am using Wells Fargo Bank more and more as time goes by.

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