Western General Reviews
Aug 07, 2016

Western General On February 12, 2016 I was involved in an automobile accident, the young lady ran a stop sign and hit me.

All the appropriate steps have been taken in resolving this issue with Western General. It has been 6 months since the accident I am still in need of medical care that I can’t get because Western General insurance haven’t paid any of the medical bills thus far and still won’t give me approval for medical attention. At this point Western General Insurance hasn’t reimbursed me for my work van.

Western General Insurance has employed every tactic to delay my claim resulting in no medical attention. First Western General changed adjusters on me after about a month, the second adjuster found reason to send claim to underwriting and for some funny reason the file was passed on to litigation where it remains now.

What’s funny about all this? The funny part is Western General already has a recorded statement from the other driver claiming fault!

At this point I am not able to work because I can’t get the medical attention I need for a concussion, whiplash and 2 bulging disc in my neck. Not being able to work I am on the brink of losing house everything!

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