Wells Fargo Bank Reviews
Aug 09, 2017
I would give zero stars if I could.
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I used them for a consolidation student loan. After one year, my variable interest rate would go up each and every month. Adding at least $15 per month to my payment. Absolutely crazy! There are so many better options out there, please look elsewhere! Do not give your money to these crooks!

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Jun 06, 2017
Good to start with, then they closed it!

Paid my payments on time, was looking forward to using it again for another purchase, but as soon as I paid it off they sent a letter saying sorry we have close your account as you no longer qualify or something to that affect. My credit score is better than it was then. I contacted them to get some idea of what happened was given no usdul answer. you would think that paying it off perfectly would speak for itself !

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