Wells Fargo Bank Reviews
Sep 01, 2016
No deferment for the disabled
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I had to leave work three years ago because of a physical disability. Wells Fargo has been unwilling to put my loan on deferment until I can get back to work. I am much happier with the loans I took out through Sallie Mae (now Navient) as they have been very flexible with me and allowed me to take long breaks which have helped me significantly. Based on my personal experience with Wells Fargo I cannot recommend them, for if you find yourself in a situation where you're unable to pay they will still expect you to pay the full amount or else they'll hit your credit report and go to creditors. 

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Oct 08, 2016
Waste of time
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Don't bother with this bank. I've had a checking account in good standing for over 12 years. I've had a credit card with them almost 3 years, within the last year I've opened a savings account and an auto loan. All accounts in good standing, no late payments ever. My credit score is in the high 600s. I applied to get a personal loan for $2,500 for school. They wanted a co-signer. Really? I'm 30 years old with an established credit profile and extensive history with them. I turned down the offer and went to Mccoy Federal Credit Union with whom I don't even have a relationship with. All they required was that I open a savings account with $5 in it and they approved the loan with no co-signer AND they gave me a better interest rate. Wells Fargo does not care about it's long-term customers. I was treated better at Mccoy after only being a customer for 5 minutes.

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Oct 10, 2016

Opened by P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. for us to pay for an over priced roof.  Can not use D.I.Y. home projects.  Not excepted by Lowes, Home DePot, Etc.  It's a card to bennifit small businesses in your area, not the customer. 

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