VW Credit Reviews
Apr 23, 2017
They are absolutely horrible

I have a loan for lease through them and recently applied to have loan taken over by a friend (with a co-signer). We only used a co-signer because they charge $100 to even CHECK YOUR CREDIT and no one can even answer me on why.  It was supposed to take 3-5 business days to find out the result. We are on week 5 and after multiple phone calls to them every week where we were told "oh it's on the fax machine" this week they told me it was DECLINED and they can not tell me why. They again said that a letter was mailed a week ago... stil no letter in the mail. I could go into much more detail but they are horrible as far as customer service. According to my VW dealership they don't even know why VW credit would lead me to believe egos was possible or take my $100 which is not refundable and wouldn't go towards us applying again. 

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