VW Credit Reviews
Dec 02, 2016
Unethical business practice

Never lease VW 

I leased a Volkswagen a few years ago and my lease ended at the end of June 2016. Several months before my lease was up, Lindsay VW sales consultants started contacting me by e-mail, by phone, non-stop to the point I felt harassed. I had never met them, yet they kept contacting me trying to sell or lease another VW vehicle. Reading their good reviews, I believe they write them themselves, my experience was not pleasant compared to other sales representative from other car dealerships I dealt with. 

I have excellent credit rating, paid all my monthly payments and the termination invoice on time. Three months after my lease ended, I started getting property tax invoices for the rest of the year of 2016. It seems that Lindsay VW never contacted the Treasurer's office to inform about the termination of my lease. I don't think it was my responsibility to do so, however,  I did contact them and advised that I had terminated the lease of the vehicle. Regardless of that, nothing  changed VW Credit practice of billing me for property taxes that I don't owe. 

I have now been fighting with VW Credit for over three months for unpaid property taxes. County Treasurer's office has confirmed that I absolutely owe nothing for the rest of the year, yet VW Credit keeps sending me the property tax invoices. Latest invoice I received included first six months of 2016, that I already paid in January, and a decal fee. What a joke. 

In a nutshell, I loved the car but after dealing with relentless, pushy VW sales people and VW Credit unethical business practice, I will never buy or lease another VW,

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