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Apr 25, 2017
I got that NO feeling
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What a strange experience.   I decided to pull the plug on my appication because they kept asking for some very strange information.    My credit report,  check stubs, bank statements,  state issued ID was not even close to what they needed.   They needed videos, and certificates of this and that, and then the final blow was requiring me to change my email address,    Why?   my email works fine!    It was all very strange.   They coudn't meet their deadlines,  (they missed 4)  and then my rate was about to expire and then they set a new deadline that was 5 days past the expiration date.   I got that NO feeling, and requested they withdraw my application.   I would rather have a hit on my credit report than be stuck with a preditory loan for 4 years.   Thanks but no thanks.        

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