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Apr 08, 2017
Bait and Switch
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It does not matter what your credit score is.  USAA will still charge you a higher interest rate than you warrant.  All 3 credit agencies rate me as Excellent with a credit score above 820. USAA advertised a 2% rate for Excellent Customers.  What I got was a rating of Good and a 4.4% rate.  When I called to inquire what had happened USAA was kind enough to explain that they use a process that involves looking at your credit score and then they add a pinch of Voodoo, read some tea leaves, and then finish with a dash of ripping you off by giving you a higher rate for no reason.  I applied for the same loan through Navy Federal and received a 1.7% rate for the same amount and same time frame.

You work hard for what you have and do the right thing.  It's a shame to say you can't trust USAA to do the same for you.

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Apr 27, 2017
Horrible customer service
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Worst service ever. The guy that works in the CEO investment escalation office is a complete *** clown. Very rude and condescending voice message left on my phone. Would never recommend this company to anyone.

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