United Services Auto Reviews
Mar 01, 2017
Auto/Renters Policy - 10 year member

I have been very disappointed with USAA in the past 2 years.  Prior to that they were amazing, good rates, great service.  Last year I received an increase that they said was "statewide".  Most recently I bought a new vehicle and transferred my policy, they quoted me a discount of a few dollars a month.  When I received my first bill I was surprised to find an almost 25% increase.  I called and discussed, and after 25 minutes on hold, they claimed there was another "statewide" increase and that it was due also to the change of vehicles.  I have quoted other policies and found better rates now, which was never possible in the first 8 years with them.  The service has gone done and the rates have gone up, and I have never had an accident or claim.  I am saddened that they have bad these sacrifices in order to broaden their customer base and I have finally given up.

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