UMB Reviews
Feb 28, 2017
Watch the fine print. Read every invoice

I've had an account with Wex Bank (QT Card) for years for my business. At some point about two years ago they changed our closing date on the account, which changes the due date. We went several months just paying the bill without noticing an extra $35 every month for a late penalty. We are signed up for electronic delivery of invocies (which means you have to go to their website every month and download a PDF). Around May of 2016, they changed the late fee to $75. Keep in mind that this is a business account and the balance fluctuates considerably so we didn't notice. The charges were brought to my attention today and I called customer service at Wex Bank. They seemed completely uninterested and unconcerned with the issue. The extra fees just since May have been over $600. They refused to work with me and I am closing the account as we speak.

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