Tyndall Fed CU Reviews
Dec 21, 2015
No helpful and money grubbing
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I have had my account with Tyndall Federal Credit Union for 24 years.  After losing a good paying job I begged for help with my account because every pay check I was recieving NSF fees.  Was told I feel sorry for you but we cannot help you.  So after 2 years I get my account back in the green.  He comes Christmas and I over draw my checking account however I have overdraft protection which takes money from my saving.  Even though my Savings has more than enough money to cover the overdrafter the credit union puts my account in the negative and charges not 1 or 2 but 4 NSF Fees of $30.00.  When I asked them about this they told me Tyndall did not make any mistakes and refuses to return the money back to the account.  Pretty sad I have to find another place to do my business.  

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