Tucson FCU Reviews
Oct 05, 2016
Horrible bank.

These people don't know what they're doing and they overcomplicate everything. I was having problems making payments for my loan because I don't get paid until the day AFTER my payment is due. They said they could help me modify it, and since I already have a lot of other things on my plate too, they offered to lower my payment amount. I did everything they asked - filled out all of the paperwork within their deadline, answered each time they called me, and even purchased full coverage insurance for my vehicle. They told me this would take about a week to process, and they stated that they almost always accommodate modifications like this. They also told me to not worry about my payment for this month. Okay, awesome. But then, I don't hear from them for 3-4 weeks. When the representative calls me, she notifies me that they were unable to accommodate my request - even though all I was asking for was to change my payment due dates to ONE day later. Then she also informs me that I owe about $400 by tomorrow. By TOMORROW? If someone has to go through this modification process in the first place, what makes her think they'll be able to drop $400 with a day notice? Ridiculous. They could've at least called me a week or two ago and notified me, but nope, they called me ONE DAY ahead of time. On top of that, she also tells me that instead of lowering my payment amount, they actually decided to increase it. Excuse me? You offer to HELP me, but then you do the total opposite? Their logic doesn't make sense. They claim to be "better than a bank" and they claim to have excellent customer service, and always wanting to "help," but in reality, they only want money from you - that's it. I get it. I have a loan with you, and I made a COUPLE - only a COUPLE - late payments. I get it, you need your money. But don't offer to help me, put me through all of these obstacles to get your help, just for you to turn around and make my situation worse. 

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