Traveler Reviews
Feb 22, 2017

Just like many other folks here providing reviews, I had a horrible experience with Travelers. The only reprieve that I have is, I am not losing out on much money. I had Travelers renters insurance for a little over a year. It was actually smooth sailing for that time as I never had issues with my billing and rates weren't jacked up. The problem for me came in when I decided to cancel the insurance. I was moving into a home that was already insured so I called to cut insurance off as of that date (or even the end of that month). I did so and thought all was well until I realized after that I was still being charged. That was almost 2 months ago and I still haven't gotten my refund for those charges. I've called 6 times, emailed with a so-called "Supervisor" 4 times, and haven't gotten anywhere. Each time, I'm told that a check has been cut and on it's way. I've asked for a refund back to my credit card since that is how I was charged and I'm told it can't be done. If you ask me, that's an excuse so they can give you the run around about a refund going out the door. After almost 2 months of the back and forth, I've decided to dispute the charges with my credit card company. Dealing with Traveler's is impossible and no longer worth my time. Take my advice - find another provider!

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