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Oct 16, 2016
Best prices I found
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I have been with Traveler's for about 10 years. The good:  You can pull up your online account and print off your insurance verification forms if needed. There rates were lower than everybody except esurance, but you have to allow yourself to be called and spammed left and right to get esurance's rates. No thank you. I like my privacy. My rates have never been raised, but I am also over 25 and have never filed a claim with them. I also keep my driving record clean. 

The bad:  You can't make changes to your policy online. You have to go through the phone. I signed up with Traveler's online as there were no Traveler's local agents in my area, until a AAA location opened up (after I already signed up) and Traveler's was one of the companies they offered coverage through. So, if I were in an accident, I'd have to call Traveler's directly. The wait times on the phone can be quite long on occasion and their phone muzak is AWFUL! To be fair, sometimes the wait is very short. It just depends on the day, I suppose. 

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