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Feb 06, 2017
Definitely Not Customer Focused
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I tried applying for a business card through my Credit Union and applied online under the tab that said "Business card".  Once I hit submit, I expected to get a questionnaire on my business and lo and behold it had taken an application for my personal credit.  I immediately contacted them and asked them to disregard my personal application as I had JUST applied for and been approved for $12,000 personally.  I completed the paper application as a "Member" of the LLC that I am a part of.  Again, ATIRA ran my personal credit and declined my application.  When I went to my bank to protest them running my personal credit they pointed out the very vague language in the application said they would do what they could to get this removed from my credit and the end result was that they will not.  Ridiculous that they can't see the obvious, that I did NOT want nor approve my PERSONAL credit to be run, I signed as a member of the company.  I also agreed to the disclaimer that the card would ONLY be used for business so why can't they develop better skills in their application process.  It should have said "we will run your PERSONAL credit".  Nowhere on the application did it say that.  Bottom line, RUN.... for personal, USAA is hands down the easiest and best.  Stay away from these guys... by the way?  I now have a hard decline on my credit and my score is 773.  

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