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Dec 24, 2015
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I've been with TXCU since 2006. I've had my fair share of overdraft fees that are my fault for being poor and irresponsible but I have had some of them waived at the mercy of the manager. As I grew up and got a real job and good credit I thought I would ask them to raise my LOC which opened at $600. They wouldn't increase the line of credit I have any (which carries a low balance) but had me apply for a credit card. Great I thought it would be easy to have a credit card with my main bank. The credit line was $1k and the interest rate is 10%. The PROBLEM is I can't even access the freaking card through their mobile app or even see the card info on my account page using a computer. There is a separate page you have to find to even access it. How can they not integrate these platforms?! It is 2016 and I can't access my CC from a mobile device they are so last century. Had I known their credit cards were so disconnected from their regular banking interface I would not have applied. Unfortunately it's too late since I already have the card so I will keep it open as a backup but do not think it makes a good day to day card. I will say Texans gave me a great auto loan offer on a used vehicle recently ($20k @ 2.9%) but when I was at the dealership I let them run my credit and Chase countered with 2.8% so I did the logical thing. Now that I have a chase auto loan I went ahead and applied for a chase slate to transfer my Texans CU balance after seeing how smooth the Chase bank site works and integrates all of the accounts and will allow mobile access. Once my balance is transferred I will close my Texans account after 10 years. I gave them 3 stars since they have always treated me fairly and worked with me when I had an issue but the credit card thing really got under my skin. Those services are expected in this day and age and for me to have to open a CC to find out the hard way was the last straw. 

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