Target National Bank Reviews
Jan 19, 2017
Do not get one!

First, it took them 2 months to send me my card. The girl read back my address at the register and it was correct for some reason they sent it to my old address. After calling them they told me they would send out a new one to my current address I was residing at. Then another month went by and nothing. I called them back worrying that I wouldn't be able to even pay my first payment because of this issue. After speaking to someone they told me I was supposed to call them and approve the address change when the lady I had to spoke to a month before never said anything about that except that my new card would be in my mailbox in about a week or two. Of course, I was upset I went ahead and paid my first payment over the phone without even having my card. Second, after a couple months of having my card and making a few purchases in store, I went to make my first purchase online and it wouldn't let me. I called them again and was told that I needed t apply to set up making purchases online how ridiculous! I did and still, it wouldn't work I called them again to find out why and was told it was because I made my payment for the card days before and they needed to make sure it was approved by my bank and went through in my account. I checked my account online and it was showing it went through 4 days prior to this I kept telling them that and they said they needed to do a three-way call with my bank to make sure. Now I'm pretty fed up with this card! We did the call and guess what my bank said "yes, it went through 4 days ago" exactly what I told them and so finally they allowed me to use it for purchases online. I thought I was done with the problems with Target red card but it doesn't stop there. Lastly, like most people and all of my credit cards I set up auto-pay. I went to make a payment earlier then my statement due date was. I paid more than my minimum due. Having set up for electronic statements, my account online kept showing me that I had now no minimum payment due for the month since I paid over the minimum amount due weeks before the due date. I did this with all my credit cards that month and not one took out a payment on the due date because they all showed I didn't owe anything. I kept checking my target statement online just to make sure nothing would be taken out. Come to find out on my due date they took out that minimum payment I paid weeks earlier even when it showed I owed $0.00 for the due date. I call them again, and I get someone who explains they don't count any early payments to the account statement payment due. I asked why did it show online that it did count it towards my minimum payment then? and that they need to fix that because customers like me are going to see that and think nothing will be taken out for that month. I would have waited for my auto payment to go through on my due date if I did know that. The guy says we can mail you the money back and I said well that'll just show I didn't make my payment than for the month and then they'll charge me some late fee. I told him I have only had this card less than 6months and all I have had is problems with it and I'm just about ready to close it and all he says is well I'm sorry I hope you'll give us another chance. He then kept trying to end the call with me so finally I just hung up after being so furious with all this and their horrible service. I urge you all not to get the target red card. It just not worth all the problems you will probably deal with not to mention every person you speak to in customer service over the phone is foreign and they barely understand what you're saying and you won't be able to make out what they're saying half the time. Now I am just done with them I am no longer using my card and I am going to just pay it off next month and close it. It's just not worth it to keep it! Good luck if you already applied for one!

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