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Jul 19, 2017
Would not recommend to anyone
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I have had this card only for a few weeks. I added a ecured balance of 200.00 when I applied. The card took almost 3 weeks to get to me after applying. I received the pin code a week after that. and my first bill 2 days later. My biggrest issue at first was trying to contact someone at their custmer service, which is next to impossible unless ou have your card in the mail and it still does not tell you that your log in info is your card number and last 4 of your social. Once you get set up online you apparently have not only activate the card online you have to call as well even though online tells you that its activated. 

Second biggest issue. The day I received the card I already had a charge immediately for 49.00 which I had assumed was the service fee ( I figured okay no big deal) the part I coulld not figure out was that my balance showed availble credit of 124.50.( I havent even used the card yet!) The first bill I got did not show the service charge but online did. I immediately set up to pay the bill which come to find out if your bankk does not offer Bill Pay then you have to mail a check in. Thats the only options you get. Anyways, I pay the the balance off so i am supposed to be back at a 200.00 credit limit, WRONG!! My wife used the card for one purchase of 12.67 at the corner store and my payment had posted as well but mysteriously I have only 64.85 in available credit!?!?!  I can not get the math to add up. Even if I use their APR for purchases at 9.99% I am still no where close to what they say has been used. 

I would not recomend this card to anyone whatsoever and if youa re looking for a good secured card then look at the OpenSKy or CapitalOne Secured cards. Both of those are Easy to use and have exceptional customer service.

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Jul 10, 2017
Very inconvenient
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After reading these reviews, I'm rethinking my application. Come to think of it there many secured cards without an annual fee. And I don't trust snail mail for payments. Gonna take a pass and see how hard it is to cancel a card I haven't received yet.

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