Synovus Bank Reviews
Mar 20, 2017
I love this card!
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Only people who arent responsible have problems with this card....In my opinion this is better than an unsecured card. This card can definately help you build/rebuild your credit! It reports as UNSECURED. The application process was fast and easy, and it took less than 2 weeks to get my card. It reports monthly to all 3 credit agencies and has a low apr! Also, this card has a 25 day grace period (which is awesome!)on purchases and cash advances! Make sure you dont go over your utilization though because your credit score will drop about 50-80 points! Only thing "bad" about this card it that there is the annual fee, which isnt much(about $39...What do you expect from a secured card? Another thing. Alot of people worry about making their payments and how long it takes to process.. I have found it EXTREMELY EASY using Ace Cash Express for my payments. It processes and shows on your available credit in 2 days and it only costs $3.95 per transaction!!!! Hope this helps!!

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Feb 23, 2017
NO online payments, NO online anything!
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No online payments and no online anything. No app no way to review purchases. Easy approval but wow this is weird. Seems like a scam.

 Everything is through the mail. Very hard to talk to someone. Be careful! I will update this in 60 days. 

You have to mail checks or it's very hard to make payments over the phone. No confirmation of payments received and lots of fees. $10 to make a payment. Something doesn't make sense.

I now have it and I hope they do not mess up my credit. There has to be a better option. I mailed a money order today. 14 days early and I will see if my $29 fee is paid. I sent in $50 just to make sure. 

online is way more cost efficient so I have no idea why they only want checks and mailing of everything. 

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Feb 25, 2017
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The worst company i have ever experinced in my life

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