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Dec 09, 2017
Works regarding building credit
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I'm rating it 4/5 only because of the bill pay method for electronic payment. Luckily I have a bank account, and I just anticipate paying 10 days in advance of when I want a payment to go through.

I should note your phone number is part of your verification after you're approved so be sure to remember your phone number. I mistyped a digit in my phone number and had to call to verify. The customer service was okay, the first person was not good, but the second person actually paid attention to what I was saying/asking.

But a month after applying, my score went up 6 points. Not much but I really destroyed my credit so I'l ltake what I can get. This is the initial "Someone claimed you have an account with them" statement.

Will see how it goes from here on. Also don't bother doing the $30 pre-validation. I believe it's not even based on credit score. It's just a matter of paying the $200 right away vs $30 initially. I did the $30 and it was pretty much a waste/me being impatient.

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Dec 09, 2017
great to rebuild your credit.

Applied for this card with 498 credit score. I deposited $500 and received the card by mail. I been using the card spending less than 30% of my limit and when I get the bill I pay it off. After two months my score jumped to 542.

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