State Auto Insurance Reviews
May 23, 2017
Great until you have to use it!
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I have had State Auto since moving to NC a few years ago. I have not had the need to use it until my passenger side window glass was broken on a 2016 F-150 that I purchased back in October 2016. I called and they said I could take it to any repair shop and have them bill and it will be all set except for the deductible and that I did not have to go through Safe Lite which they contract all their glass claims out to (I've had a bad experience with Safelite about 17 years ago). So I took the truck to my local dealer and they replaced the window. Now 4 months later (thanks State Auto for dragging your feet) I find out they won't cover most of the bill and that I will be responsible for almost $300 of the cost. They said that the dealer should have put in a used window (for a brand new 2016 truck?!?!?! where are they going to find that????) and they are trying to cut all the costs of labor, etc. If there was a cap to what they would cover they should have disclosed that to me up front when I asked about using another shop!!! I can promise you that they will not get my renewal in August this year. They are losing over $1000 in premiums because of being so cheap. Insurance companies have become worthless and if we just banked the money that we pay in month after month after month we could all just pay for it out of pocket when things go badly. Such a racket!

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