State Farm Auto Insu Reviews
Dec 05, 2016
Not a "Good Neighbor"
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I have been a loyal State Farm Customer for 20+ Years, with policies for my home, life (child and mom), hospitalization and multiple automobile policies with them over the years and today I received a letter stating that my automobile policies will not be renewed. State farm lists my one auto insurance claim (2016), 3 towing claims (2014 & 2015) and my sister's accident (2016) where my sister was the victim in a horrific hit and run claim (my sister is also insured through State Farm under a totally separate and unrelated policy of her own because of my recommendation) as factors in their decision to cancel my policy. I am ****ed! I am able to obtain new policies for 5 of 6 of the policies I currently have with State Farm and will be switching immediately, and encourage anyone whom I might have referred to State Farm to do the same! Not a good neighbor!


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