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Jul 06, 2016
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It has been days 10 since I paid off my car and you do not release the lien. On 06/24 I called to get pay off amount and best method of payment. After 15 minutes on the phone the lady was UNABLE to find out the pay off amount but insisted that I SHOULD NOT bring cash because a cashier's check would have the same treatment, THE LIEN WOULD BE INSTANTLY RELEASED, she actually convinced me NOT to bring cash. AFTER I paid I am told it will take 10 days, AND THAT I SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT CASH! I called many times, do you care? Today is the 10th Day and guess what? NOTHING. I had to put all this money up in advance and they are treating me like a criminal, this is the SECOND CAR LOAN I fully pay off. UNBELIEVABLE. You say it is the state of Florida that is slow, THIS IS NOT TRUE, I paid off a loan with CHASE and it took 3 DAYS to clear the lien. I keep checking my vin on the FLDHSMV and your ridiculous name still shows on my car lien.

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