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Aug 16, 2017
Horrible experience
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This is our second attempt to refi 15K in student loans against a co signer with 250K income., After all the paperwork they always seem to want more and more its never enough. The second attempt is worse than the first.

There are other companies out there this is one to avoid.

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Aug 13, 2017
Seems easy enough, best rate so far.
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I wanted to give a review before I actually learn the decision. This way, I feel I can be more impartial. Thus far, it's easy - but you may want to be sure you have all your ducks in a row. They ask for pay stubs, as well as w-2s. I'm okay with the last pay stub, I'm okay with w-2s. But they also want one from year end 2015. That's a while ago. I'm not even sure I have that anymore. No real reason to keep old pay stubs, at least, I never knew of any. Guess I do know. 

Not a real big deal, I have 60 days to come up with it, or I'll have to go elsewhere. 

I can't speak to customer service yet. The application process is easy enough. I just wish they wouldn't ask for so much paperwork. I have 60 days, so I intend to give my credit union a chance, too. Maybe they can beat the rate. It's not like Credit Karma represents every lender, right? 

My Fico 8 averages about 760 across all three bureaus, but my debt to income is a bit high, due to student loans, and 2 personal loans. I pay my credit cards in full. This effort is to consolidate the personal loans. One of them is at 14.4%, the other at 12%. This loan would be for 11.25%. So, I can shave $100 off my payments, and still be done paying the loans off at roughly the same time as before this loan. 

I will return to edit this, if the system will let me, once I learn whether I get the loan or not. 

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