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Apr 24, 2017
This bank is a joke!
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If they question a deposit, they don't ask for proof of validation....they just shut down your account with no recourse. Thank god I had no money in the account or I wouldn't have received it. I had them for 2 years when they were with bancorp with no problems, within two  months of switching to their new BBVA account, I've been shut down for NO VALID REASON WHATSOEVER! In addition, my daughter had previously signed up for an account, and they put her through a hell of a loop trying to verify with document and document being requested to upload....and then denied her account, I was ready to leave them after that but I had already set up my tax refund to be sent to the account so I was stuck for the moment. If this is how they treat customers, good riddance, I'll go elsewhere!

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