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Feb 22, 2017
Great when learning to adult
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...But not much beyond that. I've had my Simple account since 2013 and loved it in the beginning. I was able to save easily, customer service was great, etc. Not being able to deposit cash is annoying but not really a deal breaker. Fast forward to last year when I tried to buy a house. Simple had no way of wiring funds when I closed, and suggested I send the mortgage company a traveler's check instead, which isn't accepted for extremely large sums (like when buying a house). Luckily for me I went in with someone else who is with a credit union, so I was able to transfer that money to him before we closed. Transferring large sums like this right before closing is strongly discouraged by mortgage companies and increases the chances of being declined. (I had to make many phone calls to my mortgage complany and their bank, and essientially be given permission for this transaction. All days before we closed.) This was incredibly stressful on top of the normal stresses of buying a house. A couple of months later I opened an account with the same credit union for easier transfering of money, although I kept Simple as my primary account.

This year Simple has changed to a new parent bank, BBVA Compass, and I'm not sure if the wiring situation will change or not. However I've had problems with migrating my account to this new bank. I submitted all the new account information for direct deposit to my payroll servces, instructed by Simple, and was told to wait for a nofitication (from Simple) that my direct deposit had gone through. Well, it's been nearly a month and one round of paychecks and I still don't have access to the new account, or my paycheck. My mortgage is coming up soon and it appears that my money has gone through to the new account, only I can't finish migrating over. This was discovered during a conversation with one of Simple's reps, who has not yet gotten back to me on how I can access my new account. I'm just sort of left stranded with dwindling savings and no idea when or if I can get my money soon (or at all). 

I really wish more banks had the same user interface features as Simple or that Simple wouldn't have these strange problems. Day-to-day scenarios are usually fine, but if anything weird happens it's a confusing, painful process to be sorted out, oftentimes creating a tedious workaround with other banks because Simple doesn't offer something basic, like wiring funds. Glad I didn't have them when I studied abroad!

It may be time to take the leap to a fully "adult" credit union. 

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