Simple Reviews
Sep 16, 2017
Can't close my account

Simple says they require a physical address for verification purposes. However, they will not let you use a PO BOX for mailing purposes, or for any reason at all. I recently moved from an apartment, and was looking at moving into a new apartment. I used the "Support" option in the account to notify them of the upcoming move, including the new address. However, due to personal reasons, I did not end up moving to that apartment. I have been living wtih friends and family temporarily, and therefore have no physical address so I can't send any of the address verification documents they require. I stopped using the account, and pulled all the money from it ($0.00 balance). I called to close the account, but they said since the address change request had already gone through, they needed proof of a physical address (which I don't have) to do anything at all. I tried calling and got the run around, but was told I couldn't close my account without verifying the new physical address I had requested but never moved into.

Never again will I fall for the song-and-dance show of being "Simple." Truth in Advertising should be "Complex Finance Technology Corp." STAY AWAY FROM THIS "BANK."

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