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Nov 03, 2016
I'm new to this card and I love it!
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While checking my e-mail earlier today (11/03/16), I saw one of those sidebar sponsored links pop about "excellent credit score credit cards available."  So I clicked on it and submitted this review. 

"I keep seeing these "if you have excellent credit, check out these offers" website links, but I never see Simmons Bank Platinum Visa listed.  I've only seen them listed once on Credit Karma (dot) com and it had nothing but stellar reviews.  The interest rate is a flat 7.5%.  I applied for it in June 2016 with a credit score of 797.  I was approved almost immediately.  I have four credit cards, all of which have a zero balance.  If I ever need to carry a balance, you can be assured that it'll be on the Simmons Bank card.  Do yourself a favor and google them.  They're located in Arkansas and the few times that I’ve contacted them, they’ve been nothing but courteous and professional. 

Note: I am neither affiliated nor paid by them.  I’m simply a very satisfied customer and hope that other credit card users will discover them, too."

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Oct 25, 2016
Limited function on new website
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Do you use Quicken? Don't get this card. The new website does not support quicken download in any fashion. The website upgrade broke quicken, bill pay, and paperless billing setting.

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