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Jan 17, 2017
Opaque application/approval process
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I hate to ruin a good report card... And maybe once I get this & start using it I'll wonder how I've ever gotten by without it... BUT

I applied 10 days ago.  My credit score: 821 (TU --- only one they pulled, so I pulled this the day I applied). No baddies.  Many other cards.  $200K in available credit elsewhere.  Low utilization ratio.  Etc., etc. There was no immediate acceptance, no contact from them for more information.  I just sat & waited.  Finally, today I picked up the phone and asked them what in the hades was going on.  They said it took them a few days to review the info, and after that 7 to 10 business days for a decision.  So, I replied (hopefully) I was still in the "window" for that, and the Simmons lady agreed.  Today, I pulled what looks like an approval letter out of my mailbox... Something about thanking me for choosing to be one of their customers, reminding me they have no fee for transferring a balance to the card and explaining to me the process for doing that "when my card arrives".  Still no card.  No credit limit.  But I guess I'm "in", right?!  Who knows with these jokers?!

I just get the impression communication with them is two tin cans connected by a string, and I would transfer a balance or make a payment by stagecoach.

Such is my impression.

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Oct 25, 2016
Limited function on new website
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Do you use Quicken? Don't get this card. The new website does not support quicken download in any fashion. The website upgrade broke quicken, bill pay, and paperless billing setting.

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