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Apr 28, 2016
The 11th hour $15,000
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The entire process was fairly painless until the week of closing.  I completed every form requested, provided every piece of documentation within 24 hours of it being requested, and was told we were ready to close.  Then, a couple days before closing, everything changes.  

First it was "bring $10,000 to closing", next day "bring $15,000 to closing".  This was all explained over the phone in a mad rush.  When I asked for it to be sent in writing so I could actually read through it, I was told that they would send it over if I told them that I will bring the money to the closing.  Otherwise, they don't want to make the processors do more work for nothing.  Oh and, by the way, your interest rate will be increased by .5 point.  

When I asked for an explination of why this all came up in the 11th hour, all I am told is that the software won't approve the mortgage like they had originally input.  What a misleading disaster!  Now I'm out the $475 appraisal fee and 7 weeks of time it took to get to this point.  Such a disappointment, especially since they were so highly recommended by other customers.

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