Sallie Mae Reviews
Jun 11, 2017
will lie about options and repayment
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as a Salie Mae customer for a long time, my account was switched to Navient.  Sallie Mae and Navient both did away with paper billing, but i like to see my statement because you cannot pay extra on the principle online.

 Navient and Sallie Mae were not forthcoming and different answers to the same questions.  No option for PLSF, a program that when done correctly, (like though a legitimate non-profit organization like will forgive any left-over amount owed after 10 years of affordable repayment and working in a non-profit or governmental agency.  Sallie Mae and Navient conveniently switched from charging simple interest accrued once a month to compound interest accruing daily just like a credit card years ago and no-one noticed because it is in the fine print.  I notice online that the over-payment I paid was conveniently held onto for 7 days after the post date to conveniently pay for accrued compund interest.  I looked into a court case against them but found several slow-moving class-action suits against them.  

if you have a loan with them, run away and consolidate with the non-profit immediately.  Do not call Sallie Mae or Navient.  Navient will tell you that you cannot consolidate their loan which is false. 

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