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Oct 26, 2016
One start because zero isn't an option!
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This post is to make you aware of the type of customer service you'll recieve with SAFECO INSURANCE....
The events below are after "The Great Flood" of 2016 in Louisiana. Being told TWICE a vehicle is a total loss and yet we are still fighting.
This post is a a bit long but I felt like sharing details would make it a little more understandable what we're dealing with. This is not just hear say information (everything is documented)

8/19/16- Called into insurance company because check engine light came on. Was told to bring it by a shop. In which this process was delayed due to helping others, working with the flood and shops were absolutely busy with flooded vehicles.
Aug-Sept.2016 The truck started to have electrical issues and was now at a point that seemed to be unsafe to drive. The lights began to flicker along with several other issues.
9/30/16 Truck was taking to a local shop whom contacted Michael at Safeco. Michael at Safeco contacted my husband and told him to quit driving the truck immediately. He was told to get his belongings out of the truck including truck paperwork, take the plate off the truck, and start shopping for another truck.That the truck would be towed to Copart and we would receive a call from the adjuster with what they are going to give for the truck. He set up for my husband to pick up a rental.
10/01/16- Rental truck picked up
10/07/16- Truck was picked up and towed to Copart
10/10/16- Adjuster looked at the truck and my husband received a call from Micheal with Safeco stating that another adjuster was going to inspect the truck on 10/14/16 and he would receive a call by 2p.m. that day.
10/14/16- My husband received a call from Ali (adjuster for Safeco) stating “When I arrived to take a look at your truck there was a worker sitting in it because the air works”, she also stated “I couldn’t find any water lines and the filters were dry so your truck will need to go to another shop to be diagnosed. Let me know when you know where you want the truck sent”
10/17/16- Truck was towed to All Star in Denham Springs. My husband was contacted because they had no clue why his truck was there. My husband explained to them about what was going on and gave them Ali the adjusters information.
10/20/16- All Star still had not heard from anyone at Safeco insurance. Our insurance agent (who is not employed by Safeco) called and told All Star what was going on. My husband was told it would be the middle of the next week before it could be looked at. In email requesting rental services be extended Ali stated “the truck is drivable. He could be driving it while waiting on the shop to be able to see it. I found no evidence of water intrusion to this vehicle.”. Remember this is AFTER a shop found electrical issues AND a Safeco employee told us it was going to be totalled!
10/20/16- My husband returned the rental and picked up his truck from All Star. At our surprise his truck was being used more than just as a seat in the air. His truck condition was woefully inadequate! The truck now has additional damages as well as was used as storage for other vehicle parts (bumper, lights and other parts that we aren’t sure of what they are). We took pictures and a video before we left All Star.
10/21/16- My husband spoke with Micheal (1st Safeco adjuster) who stated that it was totally unacceptable for the truck to be driven until it has been reevaluated and sent in for a rental extension.
10/24/16- My husband returned his truck to All Star and picked up another rental.
10/25/16- All Star called/email and stated “The unit that was brought to us has a water mark halfway up the door, we do not accept vehicles that got water that high, due to the amount of electrical problems this causes. If any questions, feel free to call, thanks”
10/26/16- We are NOW being told that Safeco is now requesting the truck have diagnostic testing.

It has been 26 days and we have now been told not once but TWICE that the truck is a total loss and YET SAFECO is requesting MORE!!! My husband’s job requires that he be able to pull a trailer (which the rental will not cover) so not only has this been a huge headache but a burden also. We have contacted the Insurance Commissioner and Safeco hasn’t replied to them yet either but they still have five business days.
Save yourself the headache and pay a little more if required but take my advice and DON’T buy insurance with SAFECO!

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