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Sep 22, 2017
They don't do their homework!
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I bought a house using quicken loans in 2016. We discussed what I could afford and we went from there. When I found the house (a foreclosure property) that I wanted, we went through everything to find out on the day of closing that I had to come up with $1500 more than they said I would need for closing.

After making my first two payments they did an escrow analysis and my payment went up by $200/month because the taxes were much higher than they "expected." (They based the closing taxes on 2014 instead of getting the 2015 tax numbers and all deductions had been removed.) I ended up getting stuck paying for taxes for a year and a half I didn't even live in the house! At this point I'm barely staying afloat because of the drastic increase!

Lastly, I just tried to refi to get rid of the PMI... They declined my refi app and have still called me everyday since saying they want to help me refi.

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