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Apr 21, 2017
They can't answer simple questions.
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I just did 2 different quick Chats on their Website.  After asking a couple general questions everyone else asks they slide in that "if i'd just give them my social security number, and the rest of my info that they'd pull my credit and be able to give me a quote.  Ummm no thanks pal just doing my homework seeing what kind of rates and closing costs are available through your company.  Literally would not give me any information at all without pulling credit.  Also, the first guy told me any pulls on my credit within 45 days of the first pull as long as they're mortgage companies are okay and only considered 1 pull by the credit agencies.  The 2nd girl told me 14 days and when I told her of the discrepancy she told me "well I err on the side of caution".  Not sure if they're legit or not but the last 20 reviews are horrible and I'm glad I gave them zero information.  I'd literally rather pay more to not deal with them ever again.

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