QBE Insurance Reviews
Feb 10, 2016
Insurance rates skyrocketed

I moved from my mom's house in Cleveland (which had a zip code that didn't border a suburb). I was paying $787 for a 1-yr. premium, and then I moved into my dad's old house (which has a zip code that borders two suburbs), and now I'm currently going to be paying $931 for a 1-yr. premium for LIABILITY. $50k/$150k property/bodily on a 2000 SUV. Now, I get it, I'm a high-risk driver as I've had my license for under 2 years, but COME ON. A zip code that borders two suburbs should be cheaper than a zip code in inner-city Cleveland!

Would honestly not recommend going with this insurance company. Talked with my agent, and he's more than likely going to move me to another insurance company if he can't get QBE to lower my rate under $767.

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