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May 23, 2017
Only Insurer I've Ever Known
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I signed up for Progressive as a teenager and have had them ever since.

I have sustained a few rock chips in my windshield, which they repaired at a moments notice with no deductible. A family member (not in same household) wrecked my car one night and Progressive covered it as though i had done the damage myself after asking only a handful of questions. My car did take much longer than expected to be fixed, but it was more of the GMC certified dealership/repair facility's fault, not Progressive's. Progressive still stepped up to the plate and paid for me to have a rental car even though i didn't have that coverage after the repair timing went longer than expected.

I have shopped around and almost every quote i get is at leat 40% higher than i currently pay for the exact same coverage. Maybe I will be a lifer, but i doubt it as i am always on the hunt to save on living expenses.

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