Progressive Direct Reviews
Jun 04, 2017

It was more the fact that the jacked my rate after a accident charging $390 per month couldn't afford it and searched for other insurance found insurance from another company for $110 per then we let the other policy run out and cancelled..the Email said it would expire on the 27th the payment was due by the 5th we assumed we where paid till the 27th so we got new insurance on the 25th should have had 2 days of reimbursement coming back to us..but no instead we got a bill for 280 for 21 days of coverage..a SCAM if u ask me..they should have told me policy was cancellled on the 5th so then I could have cut them off then.i can oromose you no matter what they will never get this money and I will never use them again..So BEWARE of there deceptive business practices,,,

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