Penn National In Reviews
Jan 25, 2016
Home Owners Insurance

Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT ever buy any policy from this company.  They are liars, crooks, and cheats.

I had a Home Owner's policy and due to a cracked water pipe which caused damage to my house.  They send some claims officer from North Carolina that does all this sweet talking BS giving you the impression the company will take care of you.

All the paper work is submitted and I pay for restoration clean up and then they denied my claim.  I called my claims officer and get the run around saying it's 'out of his hands' and some higher up makes the call.  I  call him and get more BS and tells me to 'sue them' if I have a problem.

They do NOT care about you, but will gladly take your montly premiums, but will not honor any of their responsibilities.  They are racist, frauds, and will not act in good faith. RUN away as quickly as you can.

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